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You like my reviews, the kind of books i read, and would like a personalized recommendation ? Well, you’re in luck, i’m here for you! All you need to do, is fill out the form, and send it using the email adress below, that’s it ! Easy, right? So, what are you waiting for ?

  • What would you like to read ? (what kind of book are you looking for ? Dystopian, contemporary, a love story …)
  • What did you already read in that genre ? (if you’re looking for a love story, tell me about the love stories you’ve read already, so i don’t advice you to read the same ones! You can tell me about the things you read and liked / hated, too, so I can know how to help you the best)
  • Something to add ? (things you absolutely don’t wanna read, your reading preferences, you want a big or short book…)

Send it to :

note: this form is made to help me figure out what are your favorite reads, so i can make out the appropriate recommendation. You can talk to me more freely about your reads without all this paper work, but remember : the most accurate your reading wants and needs are, the most appropriate my recommendation will be. Thanks! 

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