If you liked these YA contemporary books, you’ll love these underrated ones!

Hi friends! I hope you all are doing well 💛

I’m excited today to introduce a new kind of recommendations post: the kind where I recommend books similar to other books. Hopefully, this will give you some new ideas of books to read, if you liked certain books!

Surprise, surprise, I am starting this “If you liked” series with some YA contemporary reads! You know me, once a marshmallow, forever a marshmallow.

It took me a little while to came up with all the comparisons, but I made it and I feel really happy about it, so I hope you’ll enjoy it!

📚 If you liked these YA contemporaries, you’ll love these!

If you liked American Royals, you’ll love The Luxe


What they have in common 🔎 If you enjoy stories with the rich and famous and all the drama, these two are absolutely perfect. American Royals is all about a fictional American royalty in the present, while The Luxe is all about a rich family at the heart of the Manhattan scene in the past. Both are filled with drama, forbidden relationships, questions of power and are thrilling and addictive to read!

📖 read my review of American royals

If you liked Fangirl, you’ll love 180 seconds


What they have in common 🔎 Both of these wonderful contemporary books are set in college and yes! to! these kind of reads! I think both books really fit together, because while Cath (Fangirl) is filled with anxiety and not socializing a lot, Allison (180 seconds) is experiencing the same thing. Both girls will get out of their comfort zone little by little, get a little romance, open up and both have really close relationships with their dad, so yay!

📖 read my review of 180 seconds

If you liked To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, you’ll love The Summer I Turned Pretty


What they have in common 🔎 If you enjoy Jenny Han’s books, well… The Summer I Turned Pretty is a good one. It’s old, yes, it’s frustrating at times, yes. Yet, I found this one, just like To All The Boys, to be such an endearing read filled with romance and adorable moments.

If you liked Heartstopper, you’ll love Bloom


What they have in common 🔎 Well, they’re both graphic novels, for starters and they will both have you melting into a puddle of warmth and feels. Both Heartstopper and Bloom have a m/m relationship at their heart and both are so sweet and endearing you’ll fall in love with them. Heartstopper has Nellie -the most adorable dog- and classes, while Bloom has cosy, summer feels and baking. Both have a delicious slow-burning, friends to more relationships you’ll love.

📖 read my review of heartstopper  – 📖 read my review of bloom

If you liked Turtles all the way down, you’ll love Am I Normal Yet?


What they have in common 🔎 Okay so John Green is really popular everywhere, and Holly Bourne is more popular in the UK scene, but she deserves just as much hype. Both Turtles and Am I Normal Yet? have at their heart a protagonist dealing with their own mental health, OCD especially and it doesn’t shy away from being, well… real. I loved these books for it and they’re both incredible reads.

Beware of the triggers for these two books: anxiety, OCD, self-harm for both. 

📖 read my review of turtles all the way down  – 📖 read my review of am i normal yet?

If you liked The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, you’ll love Peaches


What they have in common 🔎 If you want something to read for the summer or something with ALL The summer feels, these two books are absolutely perfect. Both have friendships as a huge part of their storylines, while some are traveling (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, obviously), others are stuck for the summer peach picking (Peaches). Both have a great cast of characters and endearing friendships and romances.

If you liked Pretty Little Liars, you’ll love Little White Lies


What they have in common 🔎 ALL THE DRAMA, obviously! If you enjoy stories with all the drama and secrets and plot twists, rich families and big mansions, you should love both of these. If Pretty Little Liars is based on the mystery of a friend disappearing, Little White Lies tells the story of a girl discovering her real family and getting into this strange, rich world. Both books are filled with secrets, revelations and thrilling to read!

📖 read my review of little white lies

If you liked Alex, Approximately, you’ll love The Summer of Chasing Mermaids


What they have in common 🔎 If you like Alex, Approximately, or any other Jenn Bennett book for that matter, I’d recommend The Summer of Chasing Mermaids for sure. Both have the summer feels and the romance, both are also filled with great, well-developed characters and storylines about finding yourself and what you want to do and both are just so wholesome and soft and I love them okay.

If you liked The Library of Lost Things, you’ll love Words in Deep Blue


What they have in common 🔎 ALL THE BOOKSHOP LOVE! Both of these books are mostly set in bookshops and we! stan! this! very! much! More seriously, both of these books are severely underrated and it’s too bad, because they are incredible. Under all the fluff appearances and soft romances slowly growing in both, they also deal with some deeper issues with their families (The Library of Lost Things) and grief (Words in Deep Blue). Both are incredible contemporaries!

📖 read my review of the library of lost things

If you liked This is What it Feels Like, you’ll love We Used to be Friends


What they have in common 🔎 FRIENDSHIPS! Both of these reads put friendships first in their storyline and we appreciate that SO VERY MUCH. This is What it Feels Like is such a wholesome read with a broken friendship and music. We Used To Be Friends is an incredible, heartbreaking read about friends growing apart. Both are also way too underrated for this world. Read them!

📖 read my review of this is what it feels like  – 📖 read my review of we used to be friends



Do you want to read any of these books? Did you read them already?

What are some great contemporary reads you’ve discovered lately? Let me know in comments!





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  1. Oh oh I loved Fangirl so that makes me need to read 180 Seconds. And Bloom AND Heartstopper are both the absolute best 😭💛 the softness yessss. I recently loved Don’t Read The Comments by Eric Smith and also Camp by Lev Rosen!!

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