Review: Almost Adults, Ali Pantony

There are no spoilers in this review.

Almost Adults, Ali Pantony

Publishing on June 24th, 2019 by Ebury Publishing.

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Ever managed to kill a succulent after just a few days?
Got seven reminder letters on the kitchen table because you forgot to pay your council tax?
Become a hot mess who’s falling apart because they’ve been broken up with?

Nobody told Mackie, Edele, Alex and Nat (aka the MEAN Girls) that life was going to be this way. They’re busy navigating the joys of adulthood – getting their shit together, breaking up and making up, moving out and moving on. This grown up stuff is hard but at least they’ve got each other.

Welcome to the world of adulting.



☂️ TRIGGER WARNINGS: click here to see them.

death, grief, swearing, drinking, smoking, anxiety and depression.

☂️ DIVERSITY: POC main character.



  • Fair note before heading into this book: Almost Adults is an adult book, but I think it’s definitely a great read if you’re into young adult books and contemporaries and looking for more stories featuring 20-something trying, well, to adult. This book fills a gap I’ve been waiting to fill when it comes to reading about young adults trying to figure it all out.
  • Told in 4 different point of view, we meet Mackie, Edele, Nat and Alex as each of them try to navigate life as young adults.
    • I loved that each of them had different issues: Nat, struggling with the brutal end of her long term relationship, Edele trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life, Mackie hoping to move on from her job, Alex struggling with her own relationship in the wake of seeing her best friend’s one crumble.
    • I found myself relating to each of the characters in different ways and rooting for them, too.
  • GIRLS! FRIENDSHIP!The friendship between the four main characters is the heart of the story. It’s a strong friendship made of friends showing up at midnight with a bottle of wine and comfort, friends fighting and making up and most of it all, friends that are here through all the ups and downs. I loved the friendship so, so much in this story.
  • Despite appearances and its fun moments, I loved that this book adressed the tough questions of adulting. Moving on from living with your parents, trying to find the job of your dreams, but wondering if it’s the right move, settling in or doubting life and your partner, breaking up and moving on, dealing with grief and with your own mental health, too.



  • The one little thing that made me sad is that I feel like, despite having 4 different POV, we explored a little more of Nat’s struggles. Maybe it’s just a personal feeling, but I feel like I knew Nat better than any of the other characters by the time I finished this read and it made me a little sad, because I would have loved to know the other characters just as deeply.



If you’re looking for a fun, entertaining, heartwarming and most of it all, realistic read about trying to adult, I’d definitely recommend Almost Adults. I had a lot of fun reading it and I hope you’ll pick it up, as well!

Final rating:  4 drops!

Did you read Almost Adults? Do you want to?

What was the last contemporary book you’ve read and loved? Let me know in comments!





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27 thoughts on “Review: Almost Adults, Ali Pantony

  1. “This book addressed the tough questions of adulting…” YES YES YES. THIS IS THE SORT OF BOOK I NEED MORE OF IN MY LIFEEEE. I’m so glad that you liked it as much as you did, because I definitely want to pick this one up and knowing that it has the thumbs up from you makes me even more excited to read it. Thanks for the lovely review, Marie!! You’re the best 🙂

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    1. AH YES KAT! You need this book in your life, I feel like it’d be exactly the kind of read you’ve been looking for. I hope you’ll love it 🙂
      Thank you so much!! 🙂

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  2. Im already sold on this book and I am so excited to find a book that deals with the struggles of adulting in your 20’s. I already feel like I can easily relate to these characters and I am living for the emphasis of female friendships!!

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  3. I feel like this title sums up my life. I’m an almost adult! I’m still in the process of learning everything I need to know before I can become a full adult. I feel like so many books are either YA and focused on finishing high school and getting into college, or they’re NA and tend to be focused on romance and not much else. I’m really glad that this book is out there to focus on the other aspects of adulthood that don’t get as much page-time!

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  4. Ahh, I think this is my second time seeing this book mentioned (idk if it was also from your blog??), and I NEED to read it!! Like, this week. I will read it. I just know it’s the type of YA/New Adult story that will hit too close to home haha 🥺. Great review, Marie 🙂!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh maybe it was from my monthly wrap-up, Anyway I’m really happy this made its way on your radar, it was such a great read and I hope you’ll give it a try 😀
      Thank you!! ❤

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  5. Ahh… this books sounds so amazing and perfect!! I definitely need more protagonists trying to adult and all the feelings involved in that and I love the idea of it taking 4 different POV so you can see different issues and struggles. I feel like this is the book we have all been begging for and I do really need it!! And GIRL FRIENDSHIP groups are what I love to see as well!! Sign me up!!
    Great review Marie and I’m so glad you loved it!! ❤

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  6. This sounds like the perfect book for me! Great review too 🙂 I also want to read more books that fill that gap – the new adult genre doesn’t have enough books yet!

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  7. It really is hard finding books to read based on people in their 20s, just starting to figure out life so I’m definitely adding this to my TBR. I love that there are 4 POVs, too. Thanks for your lovely review, as always! ♡

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