A peek at my favorite book characters’ instagram accounts

Hi friends!  ☀️ Funny story about today’s post: I had no idea what I would or could talk about today. I wanted to do something fun and original, but my mind drew a blank.

This blog post idea came from this random idea my sister threw at me, so you can thank her for it and I really, really really hope you’ll enjoy it!!

Today, I’m taking 10 book characters I love with all of my heart and showing off their instagram accounts! The kind of pictures they’d post and their overall aesthetics and basically me ranting about why I love these characters because I REALLY DO a lot okay.

And I miss One Day At A Time. A whole lot okay.

All the images used in this blog post were taken from canva.com or unsplash.

Lara Jean, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (Jenny Han)

Lara Jean is certainly one of my favorite book characters, ever. I remember, back when I read the first book so many years ago, loving her and relating to her a whole lot. She loves being cozy, baking and is just such a sweet organized adorable character okay.

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📸 What Lara Jean’s instagram would look like:

I’m picturing Lara Jean’s instagram being a cozy place with soft filters, pictures of her and Peter and her sisters, as well as a whole lot of pictures of baking, cookies and cupcakes and everything else, too.

Rosa Santos, Don’t Date Rosa Santos (Nina Moreno)

I love Rosa Santos so, SO much I actually can’t believe I haven’t shouted about her and that book for so long. Rosa is such a wonderful character, she’s organized and driven and obstinated, she’s trying to find her place and to find her roots and I loved her very much.

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📸 What Rosa Santos’ instagram would look like:

I’m not sure why, but Rosa gives me all the summery vibes and I’d imagine her instagram account to be like, the colors of sunset, with a whole lot of landscapes and unexpected adventures, back to her Cuban roots and to her Florida roots, too. Also, there’d obviously be pictures of pastelitos, too.

Angel Rahimi, I Was Born For This (Alice Oseman)

Ah, Angel. I feel like I Was Born For This was a book written for me, all about the intensity of feelings you can have when you’re a fan of a boys band. Angel was such a great character, driven by her love of music and finding her identity and place in the world with it.

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📸 What Angel’s instagram would look like:

I’d like to think that Angel would be one not to instagram too much, too busy to scroll down twitter and chat with fellow fans there. When she would, though, it’d be to post pictures of her incredible concert experiences and first times in London.

Beatrice Jefferson, American Royals (Katharine McGee)

I’m trash for all the drama and American Royals clearly delivered. I loved the characters a whole lot, but had a soft spot for Beatrice, struggling with her duty of taking over the crown and her own feelings for someone forbidden.

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📸 What Beatrice’s instagram would look like:

Let’s face it: Beatrice is a soon-to-be queen and her instagram account needs to look neat and, well, perfect. I’d picture her posting about her duties and dresses, upcoming ceremonies, always with class and gratefulness. But… let’s be honest, she’d have a private instagram account, just for herself and her closed ones, too.

Cath, Fangirl (Rainbow Rowell)

Cath, Cath is most likely one of the book characters I can relate to the most. For her anxiety, her close bonds with fandoms, her closeness with her sister.

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📸 What Cath’s instagram would look like:

I’m not certain Cath would be a big instagram kind of person, she’s a little too busy writing and being anxious about what she should post on social media to pay too much attention to instagram. If she had an account, she’d update it very very loosely with a picture of campus, her and her twin sister, maybe a couple posts about writing. It’d be a private account, definitely.

Cameron, If I’m Being Honest (Emily Wibberley & Austin Siegemund-Broka)

Oh Cameron is most likely one of these bookish characters I’d love to be a little more like. Okay. She might be a little bit of a bitch, at times, but she’s honest and bold and she’s not afraid of a whole lot of things… except maybe some unexpected feelings. I really love love love Cameron so very much.

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📸 What Cameron’s instagram would look like:

Cameron’s instagram would be just like she is: honest, bold and a tiny little bit about her, too. I also feel like she’d be all about the aesthetics and making it all pretty. I’m thinking she’d be the kind of person to post about parties and life and selfies, too, but she could also be the kind of person with surprisingly deep instagram posts revealing she’s so much more than this bold girl everyone fears. You know, only if you know how to read between the lines.

Megan, Always Never Yours (Emily Wibberley & Austin Siegemund-Broka)

I’m sorry, another book by Wibbroka, I can’t help it. I love their characters so much. Megan was such a great main character, focused on her dreams and goals, confident and just unapologetically herself. I loved that and could use some of that energy, to be honest.

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📸 What Megan’s instagram would look like:

I think Megan would be an instagram user and she’d most of it all, use it to talk about her theater adventures. From scripts to putting together a play, I’d think she’d be one to document her work and, obviously show off how amazing she can be at it all.

Devon, When The Stars Lead To You (Ronni Davis)

When The Stars Lead To You was an unexpected favorite from last year and Devon just, I don’t know, I really loved her. She cares a whole damn lot, she’s determined and focused on her dreams, she just wants to do her best and be there for the people that she loves, too and I could see myself in her in some ways, too.

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📸 What Devon’s instagram would look like:

I don’t see Devon as an obsessed instagram user, but I do imagine her snapping, every now and then, moments of her life she’d like to remember and keep close-by. Like this beach she spent her summer on, the stars she adores, these little puppies she took care of at the shelter. Her instagram would be soft and sweet, irregular but always with beautiful pictures.

Claire, Just for Clicks (Kara McDowell)

With a mommy blogger, Claire feels like her entire life has to be online and has to be perfect, but between the image she has to put out and who she really is… she just feels lost. I loved seeing her struggle between maintaining her online persona and being her real-self and figuring it all out.

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📸 What Claire’s instagram would instagram look like:

As the daughter of a big time blogger and on the influencer and blogger road with her sister herself, Claire pretty much has to maintain appearances and feels like she has to show off her very glamorous life… while hiding the uneasiness she feels, at times. She’d post about blogging, clothing and their invitation to the Fashion Week very regularly. She wouldn’t have a private instagram account, at all… let’s face it, she’s tired of it.

Anise Sawyer, Girl out of Water (Laura Silverman)

It’s been a while since I mentioned this book, but I adore it and I loved Anise so, so much. She’s passionate and she’s caring, she’s a great friend and, despite her issues and the mistakes she made, I still loved her very much. She just felt so real, so human and I just want to re-read this book now.

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📸 What Anise’s instagram would look like:

I’m seeing Anise as the kind of person who would look back in nostalgia at pictures of the waves when she can’t reach them, documenting small moments and glimpses of random days that are, finally, not so random at all. I could see her snapping pictures on the regular, but only posting every now and then, not caring too much about the social media part of it, but caring about the memories and, as time goes on, the homes she creates.

What do you think of my favorite characters’ instagram? Do you see them that way, too? Would you follow them?

What are some of your favorite book characters? Tell me everything in comments!





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76 thoughts on “A peek at my favorite book characters’ instagram accounts

  1. Wonderful post! Love those Instagram accounts of characters. It made me want to read some of these books. My favorite is Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables, Percy Jackson and Annabeth from Percy Jackson series, Isabella Lighwood from Mortal Instruments and Eko from Lunar Chronicles.

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  2. I love this idea so much! Lara Jean’s aesthetic is just perfect. I personally prefer a darker theme for myself, but for Lara Jean, bright and girly is just perfect for her 😍

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  3. Aww this was adorable!! I loved this post so much ❤ Cath is one of my favorite characters too (because she is so relatable) and I think you got her spot on! If I'm Being Honest is a book on my TBR and the aesthetic you picked for it really makes me want to read it right now lol

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  4. This is such a fun blog idea, my faves are Lara Jean ,Cath and Beatrice , these are characters if they were on Instagram I’d definitely give them a follow
    Great post Marie ❤

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  5. Omg so agree about Beatrice’s insta! I feel like all her pics would have to be excruciatingly perfect!! Such a fun post idea 🌸😊

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  6. This post idea is SO AMAZING!!! I was so excited to read it… while I don’t know most of these characters (unfortunately), I totally agree with you on the ones I do know: you captured their aesthetics perfectly! 😀

    Would you mind if I used this idea (of course, for different characters) for a blog post of my own (if I even get time to write it XD)? I’d definitely link back to your amazing blog and this post proving it was inspired by you, but my aesthetic-crazy side looooves this concept. 😉 You can definitely say no, though!!

    I adored reading this post, Marie!! ❤ ❤


    1. Ahh thank you so, so much, I’m so happy you enjoyed this post! Oh yes, feel free to try out this idea too, I would love to see your blog post and your picks, as well as all the aesthetics!! 😀

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  7. lara jean’s instagram is so cute and definitely fits her so well! i get all the pink, light & cozy vibes from her. and the more i see don’t date rosa santos, the worse i feel about not having read it yet! i really need to get around to it, since i think i’m going to adore it. great post, marie!! it was so creative and fun to read 💓


    1. Ahh thank you, May, I’m so happy you liked this post ❤ I hope you'll get to read Rosa Santos sometime soon, it was such a great read, one of my favorites for sure ❤

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  8. Ahh, Marie, this is such a cool idea, and I’m super sad that I haven’t read most of the books featured in this post, though I will soon!! Ugh, If I’m Being Honest, When the Stars Lead to You, and Don’t Date Rosa Santos are just CALLING to me. And I loved reading about why you love all of these characters!! Also your sense of aesthetic! We stan! I love this post idea so much, and I loved reading about what you think these book characters would post on Instagram and why you think they would post those things ❤ ❤


    1. AHH Thank you so much Caitlin and AHH I WILL scream at you to read these books all the time now haha I just love them SO MUCHHHH. ❤
      Thank you so much ahh, you're so sweet. I'm so glad you liked this ❤

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  9. I love this idea!! And despite never having read To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Lara Jean always comes to mind. She definitely have an aesthetic that would be so instagrammable!! (I mean I’m jealous, I always such a mess haha)
    Rosa Santos Instagram sounds like it would be incredible!! I would love all the scenery and everything!!
    I would love Angel’s feed so much!! I definitely think she is more of a twitter person but she would capture some great moments on her Instagram feed too. I’m still obsessed with I Was Born For This!!
    Megan from Always Never Yours sounds like such a fun, interesting feed and I bet she would have interesting stories as well which I would love!!
    I think Gansey from The Raven Cycle would be interesting because it would be full of interesting and weird facts. Also I hope he would transfer the aesthetic from his journal into his feed. I know this couldn’t work because of the time period but Daisy Jones and Evelyn Hugo would have had great feeds too I think, particularly Daisy!!
    Loved this post!! ❤


    1. AH thank you so much Sophie, I’m so happy you liked this ❤ ❤ Lara Jean would have such gorgeous instagram aesthetics, I'd love all of her pictures ahah 🙂
      I feel like Angel would be more of a twitter person, too, but maybe she'd capture some concert moments on her instagram, too, moments to remember! I'm so glad you loved I Was Born For This, it was such a fantastic read.
      OHHHHH yes yes! Daisy would have had such a great, badass feed ahhh. Maybe I should do her instagram account sometime ahah 😀
      Thank you! ❤


  10. This is so fun and creative!! I really really liked it 🙂 I don’t know many of these characters yet, but I like to even more now.
    Great idea for a post Marie! (or should I say that to Nyx 😉 ). I really enjoyed reading this ❤


  11. I’m only familiar with Lara Jean’s character, so I’m totally with you on that cute aesthetic you created for her!! She would 100% have baking snaps on her grid. I love the way you created the rest of these characters’ accounts, even if I haven’t read those novels myself :’) It’s just a reminder that I need to pick up Don’t Date Rosa Santos & American Royals already!!

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    1. ahhh I’m so happy you like it, thank you so much!! I hope you can read both of these soon, Rosa Santos was amazing and ahh, I live for the drama in American Royals ahah 🙂
      thank you so much! ❤

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  12. marie this is such a CUTE, fun idea!! i absolutely love the thought of peeking into the life (and head) of our favourite characters!! lara jean’s instagram would be so aesthetic and cozy!! (basically just like her room design) and so much baking and sister love 🥺❤️

    i love the layout for beatrice’s instagram!! hers would definitely be clean and tidy and well-put together (and she’d probably have a whole team of people looking over and making sure ever inch of the picture is up to royalty standards)

    i seriously love the idea behind this post and the way you chose such fitting pictures to go with each character!! awesome job!!

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    1. ahhh thank you so much, I’m so so happy you liked this post ahh ❤ ❤
      and yes definitely! I feel like every picture beatrice posts would have been something pre-approved before. So much stress ahah.

      thank you so much!! ❤ ❤

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  13. I really loved this! I also really love your new graphics (I know they’re not new-new, but still). I thought this was an interesting concept, and liked the twist of it being about characters we know and love. Although, the only book I’ve read is When the Stars Lead to You, and I didn’t like it as much as you did! It was still fun to see what they’d post about if the had Instagram accounts. 😉

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear? 💬

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  14. This is such a fun idea 😮! Lara Jean’s feed looks accurate, and I love that picture of her and Peter 🥺💕. I just started reading I Was Born For This, so I don’t have a completely clear picture of Angel yet, but I do see her as someone who uses Twitter more haha. Cool post, Marie 😄! (also, I thank your sister haha 💐)

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    1. Ahh thank you!! I’m so happy you liked it 😀
      I hope you’ll love I Was Born For This, I can’t wait to hear what you think. And yees, Angel definitely would use twitter more, that just seems more like her ahah 🙂

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  15. This is such a fun post! I love the creativity that went into this. These Instagram previews are very picturesque.

    I haven’t read any of these books, but I watched the first Lara Jean film on Netflix. I can imagine her account looking cozy and pink with a relational focus.

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  16. Okay, this was SUCH a cool post! I love the idea of looking at what your favorite characters’ instagrams would look like and seeing their personalities shine through the photos you chose! This is bloody creative and unique and I loved reading it!

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  17. Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn Marie, you really nailed Lara Jean’s insta! I’ve not read the other books but they all seem to fit how you’ve described the characters! This is such a great idea and you did an amazing job!!!!

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  18. This is a great idea for a post!! I haven’t read Lara Jean (I’m hoping to when the libraries reopen) but from what I’ve seen people say about the series in the past it definitely looks like you got her page spot on. All of these are still on my TBR but I do hope to get to them at some point!! All the pictures seem to match well with the characters that youve described though 😊

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