If you like this TV show, you’ll love this YA book!

Hi friends! So… you know when you have an idea that just won’t let go? An idea that will take you ages to put together, but you’re so damn stubborn that you won’t let it go?

That’s me with this blog post, so I really hope you love it.

I watch TV shows.. but I’m not necessarily up-to-date with all of the TV shows everyone watches. Game of Thrones, not for me, never watched it (I know. You can gasp for a second, I’ll allow it). I’m kind of a fan of “old” TV shows, things I used to watch years ago and love to re-watch every now and then, just as well. So this blog post will be filled with these kind of shows that are not necessarily today’s hottest, but let me tell you, were yesterday’s hottest shows and I still love them all.

Let’s get on with my recommendations, shall we?

IF YOU LIKE DAWSON’S CREEK, YOU SHOULD READ OUR YEAR OF MAYBE β˜‚οΈ I’ve been re-watching Dawson’s Creek because it’s THE TV show of my early teenage years (I feel so old). Intense childhood friendships and its complications as they all grow up, their feelings change and life gets messy…. I feel like Our Year of Maybe is a perfect recommendation here: it also deals with a childhood, all -consuming friendship, has all the emotions and complexities of growing up and IT IS A BOOK YOU ALL SHOULD READ.

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IF YOU LIKE DYNASTY, YOU SHOULD READ THE LUXE SERIES β˜‚οΈ Okay, so I’m going on with a more recent show I’m obsessed with, Dynasty. This show is about a, well, dynasy, an incredibly wealthy family and all of the messy things they do and I LOVE IT. I’m pairing this one with Luxe, the first book in a series I read ages ago, set in historical Manhattan, in rich families and filled with forbidden loves and backstabbing and hello here for the drama.

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IF YOU LIKE GILMORE GIRLS, YOU SHOULD READ IN SEARCH OF US β˜‚οΈ I love Gilmore Girls so, so much okay. I recently re-watched everything and I want to do so again, it’s such a comfort-kind of tv show. I’m pairing this one with In Search of Us, because they both have mother and daughter at their heart and I just love both of these A LOT okay.

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IF YOU LIKE GOSSIP GIRL, YOU SHOULD READ THE THOUSANDTH FLOOR β˜‚οΈ Okay, so.. you all know by now that I’m trash for all of the drama and both of these have just, LOADS of it all. That’s it, that’s my recommendation.

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IF YOU LIKE JANE THE VIRGIN, YOU SHOULD READ DON’T DATE ROSA SANTOS β˜‚οΈ Don’t Date Rosa Santos has been marketed as “For Jane The Virgin fans” and I think that was done right. Both the book and the show has these strong family vibes, these fierceless, determined women, Rosa reminds me of Jane and my love for her so much and… it’s both comforting and dealing with intense topics, too. I adore them both.

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IF YOU LIKE KYLE XY, YOU SHOULD READ UNREMEMBERED β˜‚οΈ Okay so at the moment, I can’t really find any perfect recommendation other than this one. I’m forever and ever frustrated that Kyle XY, this show with a teenager waking up in the forest with no memory whatsoever and… no belly button, HAS BEEN SHUT DOWN SO SUDDENLY. It was such a good show. I cried a lot. Unremembered would be a perfect fit, too, because this story about a girl waking up unharmed from a plane crash and with no memory is also filled with mystery and feelings.

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IF YOU LIKE THE GOOD PLACE, YOU SHOULD READ LAYOVERLAND β˜‚οΈ Totally cheating here, because Layoverland should be added to your TBR: it releases in 2020, but I AM HYPED and this is the perfect recommendation. In Layoverland, the main character finds herself in purgatory and has to help souls moving on from their lives, basically. This gives me all of The Good Place vibes and sounds equally as fun and hopefully as great as The Good Place is.

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IF YOU LIKE THE OC, YOU SHOULD READ IF I’M BEING HONEST β˜‚οΈ Give me ALL the Californian vibes here, friends. The OC is one of my favorite shows ever and If I’m Being Honest is one of my favorite books ever, so.. this is a perfect pairing. You get the Californian setting in both, the badass main characters and complex relationships and the hupped high school and I love it all.

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IF YOU LIKE THE ROYALS, YOU SHOULD READ AMERICAN ROYALS β˜‚οΈ Look at these two royals together, don’t they look incredible. THEY ARE INCREDIBLE READ AND WATCH BOTH. Okay. I’ll calm down, but… these both have royalty, all the drama you can dream of and I’m just a big, big fan okay.

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IF YOU LIKE VERONICA MARS, YOU SHOULD READ THE ACCIDENTAL BAD GIRL β˜‚οΈ Another perfect pairing here, if you ask me. Veronica Mars is a great show (haven’t seen the recent episodes, though) with all of the intrigue and thrilling action, while also having Veronica’s sassy incredible personality making it shine. In The Accidental Bad Girl, you find the same kind of takes-no-bullshit character and a mystery and it gave me all the Veronica Mars vibes.

πŸ“š add to your goodreads TBRπŸ“– read my full review

IF YOU LIKE YOUNGER, YOU SHOULD READ THE UNDOING OF THISTLE TATE β˜‚οΈ Okay so.. this one might seem far-fetched, but hear me out. Younger is a show set in the publishing world, starting out with the main character lying about her age. Thistle Tate is a book about a best selling author lying about her writing, so…. this kind of fits, don’t you think? I also really really enjoyed both, A LOT.

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Do you agree with my recommendations? Did you watch any of these shows, or read any of these books?

Did you enjoy this kind of recommendations post and would you like more posts like this one? I’d love to hear from you in comments!





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111 thoughts on “If you like this TV show, you’ll love this YA book!

  1. I’ve never watched Gilmore Girls and only watched some episodes of Gossip Girl, and I believe that’s considered “worse” in the bookish community than having not watched Game of Thrones hahaha I’ve also watched some episodes of Jane the Virgin (I can’t remember why I stopped, to be honest) and I’m interested in reading Don’t Date Rosa Santos!! And The Good Place is an amazing show πŸ˜€ This was a really great post, Marie ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh god well then I’m terrible, since I don’t intend on watching Game of Thrones at all, it’s just not for meπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
      I hope you’ll love Rosa Santos, it’s such a great read!
      Thank you so much πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is such a fabulous idea for a post – I personally completely adore The Good Place, Gilmore Girls, and Jane the Virgin (and haven’t heard of the two books besides Don’t Date Rosa Santos) so I will definitely be checking out your recommendations! Love the list!

    Liked by 1 person

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