A Talk With: Katy Upperman, on How The Light Gets In

Hi friends! I’m back today to chat with another young adult author, yay!

In case you missed it, “A Talk With” is a brand new feature here on Drizzle & Hurricane Books, where I will invite young adult book authors to chat with me about their upcoming books, share their writing tips and tricks and more!

I’m thrilled today to welcome the lovely Katy Upperman! I discovered her stories last year with The Impossiblity of Us, a little gem I absolutely adored and, since then, have been making it my mission to read everything by her. Today, I’m excited to talk about her upcoming book, How The Light Gets In. We’re talking about inspiration, sharing recommendations and more!

1. How The Light Gets In is a story that has been in the works for over 9 years and, from what I’ve gathered, a book that is very, very close to your heart. How does it feel, knowing this journey is about to come to an end? Does it feel and do you feel different, compared to your other books’ publication?

How the Light Gets In has been all mine for nearly a decade, but soon it will belong to readers. How thrilling, and also nerve wracking! That’s been my experience with each book so far: I’m both very excited, and very terrified by the idea of letting go. And you’re right — HTLGI is incredibly close to my heart. It’s a book I’ve refused to give up on because I love its characters so much, and because there are so many little pieces of me throughout. I hope readers will be able to find something relatable within its pages, and come to love Callie, Chloe, and Tucker as much as I do.

2. Can you share a fun fact about How The Light Gets In and how it has changed in the course of these 9 years? (Title, characters, settings, maybe…)?

The title has changed; the book’s original title was Where Poppies Bloom, which is a line taken directly from the story. My editor suggested trying to come up with something that gave a bit more of a hint regarding the theme and feel of the book. I brainstormed tons of title options, and How the Light Gets In ended up being my favorite. It’s borrowed from a Leonard Cohen song, and it speaks to Callie’s situation, as well as some of the motifs in the book. Luckily, Swoon Reads agreed that it was perfect!

3. Compared to your other contemporary stories Kissing Max Holden and The Impossibility of Us, How The Light Gets In has some paranormal elements to it. Did you enjoy getting a little more… spooky with your writing? Did you ever think of exploring this more and branching out into other genres with your writing?

The paranormal twist in How the Light Gets In was a big stretch for me, as I’m a contemporary girl through and through. That said, it was really fun to build the story’s world, establish the different “rules” of the haunting, and think about how it would feel to be in Callie’s shoes while she’s experiencing some pretty freaky stuff. As of now, I have no plans to write anything less contemporary than How the Light Gets In, but I’d never say never. 🙂

4. If you could pick one of your characters to spend 24h with: which one is it and what would you do?

Oh, Lucy, Callie’s 80s-obsessed aunt! I love all of the characters in How the Light Gets In, but Lucy and I are close to the same age, and we have a lot in common. Plus, she’s quirky and cheerful and she often lacks a conversational filter, which is kind of exciting and hilarious. Also, she has a huge heart. I think it’d be super fun to join the book club she’s a part of in Bell Cove.

1. What’s one TV show you could binge-watch all day long?

Sex & the City. Love!

2. What’s the best underhyped book you’ve read lately?

I have a few — When Summer Ends by Jessica Pennington, Rules We’re Meant to Break by Natalie Williamson, and Grace & Fury by Tracy Banghart. All YAs, all so good!

3. If you could have one magical ability… what would it be and why?

To survive on no sleep, like Edward Cullen. 🙂 Sleep is such a huge waste of time!

Lastly: can you share with us one line of your works that you really love?

“Sometimes, I’m desperate to remember, to dissolve into remembering. Sometimes, I want to light mymemories on fire, so they burn until nothing’s left but ash and despair.” ~ How the Light Gets In

Thank you so, SO much for chatting with me today, Katy, it was such an honor to have you on the blog. Friends, don’t forget to read on for more information about the little gem that is How The Light Gets In, this wonderful book releases on August, 6th!

📖 More about How The Light Gets In

Find & Pre-order How The Light Gets In

Since her sister’s tragic death, seventeen-year-old Callie Ryan has basically given up. Her grades have plummeted, she’s quit her swim team, and she barely recognizes the people her parents have become.

When she returns to her aunt’s run-down coastal Victorian one year after Chloe’s death, Callie resigns herself to a summer of guilt and home renovations. She doesn’t expect to be charmed by the tiny coastal town or by Tucker Morgan, a local boy brimming with sunshine.

But even as her days begin to brighten, Callie’s nights are crowded with chilling dreams, unanswered questions, and eerie phenomenon that have her convinced she’s being haunted. Will Callie be able to figure out what her sister is trying to communicate before it’s too late?

📖 More about the author, Katy Upperman

Katy Upperman is a wife, mama, author, reader, baker, and wanderer. She writes novels for teens and teens at heart. She’s a Washington State University alum (go Cougs!), a country music fanatic, and a makeup stockpiler. She loves the ocean, pedicures, sunshine, Instagram, Dirty Dancing and The Princess Bride, Jelly Bellies, true crime documentaries, and Friday Night Lights.

Katy’s debut novel, Kissing Max Holden, was published August 1, 2017, and her sophomore effort, The Impossibility of Us, released July 31, 2018. Her third novel, How the Light Gets In, will be out August 6, 2019. All three books are with Swoon Reads/Macmillan. She’s represented by Victoria Marini of the Irene Goodman Agency.

Find Katy Upperman on:

💻 Website 📱 Twitter 📷 Instagram


Do you want to read How The Light Gets In? Did you read it already? Did you read any of Katy Upperman’s books? (you should!)

Do you like stories with siblings? And stories that make you cry? Any recommendations for me? I’d love to hear from you in comments!





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  1. Lovely interview, Marie! Wow, it’s amazing to see that How the Light Gets In is a story so dear to the author, and that it’s been in development for a decade! I’m definitely excited to read this one now, and that aunt sounds like she’ll be a very fun character to read about! Haha. ❤

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  2. I knew the name Katy Upperman sounded familiar, but I wasn’t sure how! When I saw you mention how much you loved The Impossibility of Us, I figured that must be it, but then I saw Kissing Max Holden, which I’ve read, and made the connection!

    But wow! 9 years is a very long time to work on one book. I feel like with that amount of time this book can’t be anything less than perfection! It does sound really heartbreaking though. 💔

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    1. Ahh Malka, I hope you’ll give this book a try, it was wonderful and heartbreaking, but also beautiful. I loved it so much ❤
      Thank you so much!! ❤


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