Monthly wrap-up – June 2019

Hi friends! I know, I know, I’m a couple days too early for a monthly wrap-up, but I like doing monthly wrap-ups and I wanted to do this one because I won’t be able to later on for reasons detailed below. (exciting ones!!) Happy almost-July everyone!! ☀️

in real life

It’s been the usual routine of working-blogging and everything, other than that I’d say June hasn’t been too exciting and not much has happened except for… well, waiting for holidays to come, buying my travel guides (because I’m old school like that and I like paper maps and travel guides), booking train tickets and sightseeings and such and just, waiting for long days at work to go by.

I’ve been getting ready for July and August, which will be filled with blogging breaks and holidays and travels with my favorite people in the entire universe, too which is very exciting. I’m even more excited knowing I’ll have two very exciting places to visit this year and since I know you all might be curious…. I’m leaving next Monday for a couple days in my first destination, Croatia.

I’m excited because I don’t go to the seaside too often and everything looks postcard pretty and I can’t wait.

If you want to take a guess, funnily enough, my next travel destination for the end of July, with my sister this time, also starts with a “C” and I might be screaming very loudly about it because dream, friends.

on books

I somehow feel like I should be reading more, but I also know that, honestly, reading 6 books a month while working full time is still something… I mean, it has to be right? There are just sooooo many books.

It’s been a fairly good reading month, with some new favorites and exciting discoveries so, yay!

📖 Books I read








RED WHITE & ROYAL BLUE ☂️ Worth all of the love and hype, if you ask me. I loved this one SO MUCH.  📖 read my full review
ARE WE ALL LEMMINGS & SNOWFLAKES ☂️  It wasn’t my favorite Holly Bourne book, but I still had a good time with it overall and… I love that Holly Bourne always writes about mental health.

BEFORE I DISAPPEAR ☂️ I was a little disappointed by this one: it had a lot of potential and I liked the overall idea, characters and siblings vibes, but…. I was a little confused, too?

THE BLACK VEINS ☂️ This book was such a wonderful surprise, I fell in love with the wonderful cast of characters and ahh, I’m excited to read more from the author!

THE LAST THING YOU SAID ☂️ This was such a lovely contemporary, a little emotional at times, with a complicated romance and I loved the strong friendship, too.

WICKED FOX ☂️ I’m currently reading this one as I’m drafting this and so far it’s really entertaining!


  • Goodreads Challenge: 38/60 books : I’m 9 books ahead of my goodreads challenge, still, I’m pretty happy about that! 🔥
  • Year of The Asian Reading Challenge: 4/10 books – I haven’t read more books for that challenge so far, need to.



I haven’t really done much writing-wise this month. I still have this new project in mind and I’m still at the planning stages of it all, trying to figure out a rough outline before heading into drafting something, forever staring at my Pinterest board while brainstorming or… well maybe procrastinating a little bit, too. It’s hard to throw yourself into this whole new project… especially when you’re getting thoughts on your previous one.

I’ve received some incredibly heartwarming emails that made me scream and sob about my previous WIP from beta readers and…. well apparently it’s not that bad? It’s even good? Someone said they believed in my words and story??? and I ended up reading the email a gazillion times to make sure it was true. This has given me so much hope for this story and for my writing overall.

I still have a lot of work and editing to do, obviously, but still it feels like such a… relief to know that my writing could be loved. (key-word being could, I mean, I’m still me).

I still haven’t written much this month, I’ve been preoccupied, I’ve been procrastinating, too, but… I’ll do something soon once I start outlining better?

  • Words written: 0.

on the blog

It’s been an usual month on the blog, even though I’d say I’ve been a little stressed out about staying on track with everything, soooo…. I’m happy to say what’s coming next.

I’m going to be on a blogging break from this Saturday, June 29th, until at least the next Sunday, July 7th. I still have an author interview and a blog tour scheduled and my sister will be there with her monthly post in July, too, but I won’t be there. No blog hopping and answering to comments at all and I apologize I promise I am not ignoring you, and I already feel a little anxious about it all, but it’s time for adventures.

Also it’s really time I take a small break too and step away from here to feel refreshed, let’s be honest here.

I’ll still be over on twitter, though I’ll do my very best to step away from it, too, and most likely sharing travel pictures over on instagram, in case you’re curious about this.

📖 Book reviews

Click on the book covers to be redirected to my reviews.

💻 Book blogging

📚 Book discussions

📝 Book Tags & Awards



As stated above, I’ll be on a blogging break at the end of the month and the start of July and… on a break again at the end of July  and start of August as well because it’s holidays time, also because I need it, too.

Not to worry, I still have a couple exciting authors features and will bother you in-between my travels with my reviews and blog posts. It’s time to relax though and it’s summer and I want to do my best to do so.

Okay so here’s my…. medium round-up of blog posts I enjoyed reading this month, I hope you’ll find new favorites here!

📚 Books & Reading

💻 Book Blogging

📝 Writing, Lifestyle & Other Posts I Loved

Is there a blog post you are particularily proud of this month? Feel free to send it along with your comment!

Did you have a great month? Anything exciting happening or anything you’re looking forward to?

What were your favorite books this month? Did you discover new favorites? Tell me everything in comments!





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128 thoughts on “Monthly wrap-up – June 2019

  1. I hope you have fun in Croatia! 😀 It’s been years since I went to the seaside. I should probably change that in the future, I do miss swimming in the ocean.
    I really want to read Red, White and Royal Blue and Wicked Fox. Both of those books sound amazing! I hope you have a nice and relaxing break Marie! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’d say six books a month is a great amount! And I’ve also had some much needed great feedback from betas recently. It makes such a difference hearing people loved something.
    I hope you enjoy the holidays!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a great reading month you had, and I am so excited to hear all about your trip to Croatia!!! I want to go there so badly, it looks absolutely beautiful – I hope you had a great time! You also deserve the breaks, so I hope you are resting up nicely, love!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What a lovely wrap up! It sounds like you had a great reading month, and congrats on being so ahead of your reading goal!! I’m sure you’ll be able to make it to 60 before the year is over! I need to make some more progress in my YARC tbr too! Haha. I’m so happy that you’ve been receiving lots of positive feedback for your WIP! I’m sure it’s incredible! I the new writing project you’re working on is going smoothly!

    Wishing you the happiest of Julys! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Kelly! I have so many books I want to read for YARC, but other books keep coming in between and ahh. I hope we will read more books for this wonderful challenge soon 🙂
      Thank you so much, I hope that July has been beautiful to you ❤ ❤


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