How do you like to interact with the book blogging community?

Interaction is, for me, one of the biggest parts of book blogging and of being part of the book blogging community. Despite being content creators, putting ourselves out there with content we spend hours working on, lists we spend hours researching for and so on… well, for me, you’re not truly part of something unless you actually take part in it.

It’s a silly business, especially if you’re crippled with anxiety, realizing that the book blogging community never really ends, because when you think you’ve already seen thousand of millions of bloggers everywhere, there are just more people. It can be beautiful, yet it can also be, in more than one way, kind of terrifying and, let’s face it, we’re not here to be scared. We’re here to have fun and scream about books, not sweat in front of our computers while interacting with the community.

Spoiler alert: I’m sweating right now writing this. No one’s perfect.

Yet, for me, it’s so, so important to build relationships, for many reasons. There’s one obvious, selfish reason that everyone will most likely approve of: if you want to grow your blog, this is the way to go. Yet, there are also other reasons that make me, yes, even happier than numbers and a lovely spike in my blogging statistics: friendships. People I can scream to when I finished reading We Set the Dark On Fire because this was TOO GOOD, people I can go to for so many other things, too. This all happened because of books and because I interacted with the book blogging community, too.

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There are many ways to interact with the book blogging community, as we are not developing solely on one platfom and giving our bookish love away on one single type of post, either.

We’re on twitter, instagram, pinterest, wordpress, blogspot, goodreads, other book blogging platforms I might forget at the moment. We’re everywherewell, some of us are, I’m not because I just can’t, if you’re everywhere, tell me HOW?!. There are so many ways to interact with the book blogging community, in comments, in tweets, in messages.

Honestly, I find it overwhelming and stressful, at times.

The only place I really find myself interacting a lot – well, the most, really – is book blogs and, for this, I feel like I am sort of an old soul.

I’ve noticed that, if a tweet for a blog post might get shared hundreds of times on twitter and commented on a little bit, the comments directly on said blog post might not be just as strong, too.

Twitter is easy, for sure and, despite its many drawbacks and dramas, it’s also very convenient, somehow. You can retweet a blog post you appreciated so easily, you can leave a small comment on a tweet, you can interact with someone so quickly on something they say, too. It’s immediate, it’s instantaneous, it feels like you’re really chatting directly, too, in a way and in constant connection with the community and… isn’t that what I talked about earlier? You’re not truly part of something unless you take part in it?

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Maybe I said that. Maybe, like I said just before, there are many ways to interact with the community and we’re not all at ease with all of these ways.

I’m talking about twitter, because it’s the social media I’m the most familiar with, yet it also gives me anxiety and that not-good-enough-check-your-tweet-a-gazillion-times, do not comment on that tweet because anxiety and so on. I could be talking about instagram, for those of you on this social media, goodreads if you’re fond of it (I personally keep on forgetting to update my books there, why, brain, why) or blog-hopping and so on.

My kind of interaction with the book blogging community is blog hopping and commenting. I love “old school” comments. I’m calling them “old school” because they seem a little passed, somehow, as in they still happen, don’t get me wrong, but also so many things happen on social media, they’re a little less fruitful as before. It feels less pressuring, it feels less instantaneous than social media and having to be everywhere all at once, answering your notifications, mentions and so on. It feels more relaxed for me and, I don’t know, I love showing my appreciation for a blog post and a blogger’s work this way too, with comments. I also feel way less anxious/shy about leaving a comment on a blog than tweeting someone. Or just tweeting on my own, too.

Yet, no matter what your favorite kind or way of interacting is, there is always the pressure that goes with it.

The pressure to be everywhere all at once. To interact all the time, to feel part of the loop, to know what happened, what book are we talking about, not to miss something big, small, medium, to just, be there. I know that pressure, I feel that pressure every day, I sometimes even feel that pressure squeezing around my chest even when my body tells me to lie down, Marie, you’re f*cking sick you don’t need to see what you’ve missed, the world’s still turning okay.

I love interacting with other bloggers. I love being part of the community, but I also need that tiny reminder from myself (okay, from my sister screaming at me) that if interacting is amazing, it’s also exhausting and it’s okay to take breaks from it, too. I can chat and support book bloggers when I’m feeling healthy, less anxious, totally up to it, too.

Okay so this turned out to be a little more personal than I expected it to, but… well, I hope you liked my rambles. I’m really, really curious to hear about your ways of interacting with the blogging community, friends, so please let me know your thoughts in comments!

How do you like to interact with the book blogging community best?

Do you find yourself interacting more on social media (twitter, instagram, goodreads, etc..?) or on book blogs, via comments? Do you find it easier to interact in one of these places or in others? What do you prefer in each of these?

Do you also need breaks from interacting, at times? I would really love to know your thoughts on the topic, so feel free to leave your thoughts in comments!



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157 thoughts on “How do you like to interact with the book blogging community?

  1. I feel like finding Twitter too overwhelming is almost my brand in this community, lol. But I really have to mention this everytime, because the pressure to be a part of it is real. I’ve always felt anxious about the idea that I only have a limited amount of characters to express my opinions, because I do like writing a lot and leaving very long comments, and I’m always scared to be misunderstood if I don’t have enough space to share all of my thoughts. I also find that, as you mentioned, everything in Twitter is so instant and I find it hard to keep up with it.
    It’s honestly funny to me that even though I grew up with social media, I still struggle so much with it, hahah. But commenting really is how I feel the best. I definitely do feel the pressure as well to comment before a post is “too old” and I never know exactly how to continue conversations after a reply, but I try my best to push these thoughts away so I can focus on what really matters. I haven’t had time to comment on recent posts, so a part of me says that “it’s too late now”, but I’m still here! It’s definitely hard to let go of these thoughts that pressure you and sometimes even stop you from interacting with the community, but I’m working on it! 🌟


    1. I get that so much, everything is quickly overwhelming and I find myself being active on twitter here and there, but just not all the time because it quickly gets stressful, too. It’s so hard to keep up with everything and yet the fear of missing out is real, too.
      I’ve had this conversation before with another blogger about blog posts being “too old” to be commented on and… well, to be honest for me, a post is never too old to be commented on, if you went back to a 2017 blog post of mine and commented, I would be… well, a little curious as to how and why you went all the way back there, but also happy to see my content is worth commenting on even if it’s a bit older, too 🙂 but that’s just my thoughts on the topic 😀
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Lais ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. Exactly because so much is happening on social media, I feel like I lose a lot constantly, and so, the best way for me to interact with other bloggers is still through comments on blog posts. I feel I could do so much better on twitter, but have yet to know how, and I’ve had to give up bookstagram because of how it made me feel. It’s great you have someone to scream at you when you’re overwhelming yourself!! haha I also wish I could be everywhere all the time, but how???

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    1. I’ll be that person for you if you need me to, Marta, I never want anyone to feel overwhelmed, it’s not a great feeling AT ALL ahah. ❤
      I feel the same way, it's so easy to miss out on SO much on social media and… well, even if we don't HAVE to be there all the time, we feel like we should, somehow? That's not healthy at all haha.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Marta ❤

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      1. That’s weirdly sweet, Marie! haha I recently attended a marketing basics workshop and they really emphasized how important social media is. I kinda want to go back to bookstagam but I constantly have to remind myself that a) I have no time !! and b) it would make feel really bad about myself as a blogger )):

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      2. Social media can be important, yes, but you’re more important too, you and your own health, so if a social media isn’t making you feel good overall… well, is it really worth it? ❤ It's important to think of this too ❤

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  3. I mostly like leaving blog comments because I like reading others’ content, and there’s more room to say something long and thought-out, if you want to do that. I also like commenting on Twitter, but it can be harder to hold conversations there. I’m not big on commenting on Instagram, but that may be one of the reasons I have few followers….

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  4. I guess I’m old school too! I like commenting on blogs and chatting via comments, I find that so much more comfortable and relaxed than interacting on social media. Twitter just stresses me out, I always feel like I’m playing catch up with DMs and my mentions and I never really feel the need to tweet something. I keep trying though, cause there’s that annoying pressure we put on ourselves to be everywhere all the time. It’s good to know I’m not the only one though, thank you for sharing ❤️

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    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling this way – this pressure never ends ahah, but I think it’s so important to focus on what we love to do the most and… just try our best not to let that pressure get the best of us. ❤
      Thank you so much for your comment, love! ❤ ❤


  5. How do you like to interact with the book blogging community best?

    I’m like you Marie. Blog comments are my biggest form of interacting in the bookish community.

    Do you find yourself interacting more on social media (twitter, instagram, goodreads, etc..?) or on book blogs, via comments? Do you find it easier to interact in one of these places or in others? What do you prefer in each of these?

    I am so bad about interacting on twitter, instagram, and goodreads… It just all too much for me. Between reading, reviewing, creating blog content, blog hopping, etc. I don’t have time to interact across limitless platforms. For me, my blog is my #1 platform, so that is the platform I chose to be the most active on.

    Do you also need breaks from interacting, at times?

    Yes! At the end of the day, I can’t do everything all the time. I hate it, but blog hopping takes a back seat when things get hectic in my life. I miss the interaction, but I can only do so much.

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    1. I agree with you! For me, my blog is also my first platform and this is where I interact the most and where I love to, the most, too ❤
      I'm also frustrated when I have to take a step back, but sometimes we just can't do it all, we're not super humans unfortunately haha.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Amanda! ❤

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  6. I am the same as you! I do not have all the social medias & even if I did, I’d never update them. The only way I interact with other bloggers is blog hopping & commenting on their posts, too. It’s my favorite form of support to receive & give. 🙂

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  7. Aside from writing my own blog content, I do leave comments to engage with the community! I recently started using Instagram, too, so that in case I don’t have a review ready, I can snap a pic of another book and start a discussion. Plus, it’s just nice to see everyone’s artsy pics of pretty book covers!


  8. Oh I totally feel that pressure! Especially on Instagram and Twitter but nowadays I’m taking things at my own pace and letting it be. Trying not to miss posts is the thing that gives me the most anxiety but I’m still trying to control it. Actually the reason I’m here on this post rn is that umm I missed like 3 months of blog posts and am now aggressively blog hopping to catch up hehe.
    Love the post! 😊



    1. AHH what no need to apologize Charvi you’re too sweet!! ❤ ❤
      I'm glad that you're trying to take things one day at a time and not to feel too overwhelmed, I'm trying my best to do that, too, even if sometimes it's hard haha. 🙂
      Thank you so much!! ❤ ❤


  9. Since being out of the blogging loop, i’m finding it quite hard to get back into interacting. I’ve always struggled with twitter, I always have the anxious thoughts of ‘nobody cares,’ or ‘if you comment in their discussion then your barging in and your rude.’ I’ve always found commenting on blog posts easier but it takes away so much possible interaction too.

    I don’t take breaks from interacting really because I don’t get that much, but life automatically gives me breaks I guess because I keep going into these blogging slumps… if that makes sense. My brain is so broken today from work, if i’m rambling pure rubbish please just say Han, shut up.

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    1. I’m 200% right here with you, Hannah, I’m feeling really anxious about interaction on twitter at times and it’s so frustrating, but we can’t help ourselves, can we :/
      I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been going through slumps, I’m always here if you want to talk about it or rant. It’s okay not to be able to blog as often, either, life comes first too and self-care, too, obviously ❤ I'm always always here for you, love ❤ ❤

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  10. I have a small circle of friends in the book blogger and I talk to them in all media -Twitter, Facebook, IG and Discord and sometimes whatsapp too. But to other bloggers I talk mostly through blog commenting system and maybe some times through Twitter.

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  11. Marie, I loved and related to this post SO MUCH. There are so many people that make up this incredible community which is an amazing thing, but can also be so overwhelming. It can make blog hopping seem like a daunting task (as it is for me right now) and when I can’t comment on EVERYONE’S posts it makes me feel like I’m not interacting with other blogs enough. I think I definitely interact with bloggers through their actual blogs the most, but I’m finally starting to get the hang of twitter and have found it’s a great (and quick) way to show your support to other bloggers and promote their work!

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    1. I’m 200% with you right here about blog hopping and everything and feeling like we’re not doing enough. It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed by these things, but there are way too many bloggers out there and we’re just one person, we can’t do it all either. I’m trying to tell myself that ahah and to take it one day at a time ❤
      I'm so happy you're getting the hang of twitter and enjoying it! It really is a quick and fun way to interact with bloggers, I agree 🙂
      Thank you so much for your sweet comment ❤ ❤

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  12. This is so true! Why does it have to be so awfully stressful?! I’ve found in infuriating lately when I want to do my best to be involved but real life is simply too busy. That’s when I love just interacting with the few who read my blog. I find the friends I make in the blogging community have come, exclusively, from reading and commenting on others people’s blogs. I like that there’s often more thought in those comments; they’re longer and a great place to just SPLURGE thoughts.

    I’ve just never been able to crack the mystery of Twitter and Instagram. Whilst I love creating and sharing content over on Insta, trying to rack up a community around me feels like I’m throwing myself at a brick wall sometimes. And I just don’t have the effort for it. So it’s good to just take a breather and be selective in where I put my efforts towards interacting with others. Then, hopefully, I don’t get so stressed!

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    1. Oh yes it’s so important to be selective and focus on what we can do, we can’t do it all unfortunately and life gets quite busy too, it’s important to focus on what we like the most doing and the places we love interacting in the most, too ❤
      Thank you so, so much for sharing your thoughts on the topic! 🙂

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  13. I find Twitter really hard because, unless you make a lot of effort and post every day/interacts constantly, it feels more like you are just shouting into the void? Plus it takes so much time! Combining a blog + a bookish Twitter + my personal social media + trying to start up an art-based Twitter+ of course, LIFE; there’s just no way I can do all of that successfully. As such my Twitter audience is pretty much nil most of the time.

    Instead I am very much like you- I much prefer to blog hop and comment when and where I can 🙂 I can’t say I’ve been the best at developing bookish friendships, but in terms of getting myself out there and involved in the community, blog hopping has been worth it. 🙂

    It’s great that you have posted about such an important topic given the stress of social media and the desire for many to become “influencers”, thank you!

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    1. It takes SO much time to do it all, honestly and when you’re not on all the time it feels like you’re missing out on so many things. Blogging really can be a full time job ahah, so much time is spent on everything.
      I’m so, so happy to hear blog hopping has been worth it for you! I’ve created 99% of my bookish connections and friendships thanks to blog hopping and it’s so, so nice to chat with them via comments, I love it so much ❤
      Thank YOU so much for your sweet comment and for sharing your thoughts, I'm so, so happy you enjoyed this post! ❤

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  14. I definitely feel that pull to be everywhere at once! It’s invigorating and exhausting, if I may so. While Twitter is fun and gives instantaneous replies, I too find blog hopping to be more reliable. I’ve found that I get more interaction from blog hopping. I think, with Twitter the best way to do it is to have a community of your own who supports, and you can talk to.

    I also find that with blog hopping I always tend to stumble on more bloggers to love!

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    1. Agree, it’s exhausting at times! I also get more interaction from blog hopping and I love how many great bloggers I find this way, too 🙂
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! 🙂


  15. I understand when you say Twitter is overwhelming. It can be at times. But I try to focus on the positives and ignore the negative. Nothing beats the old school blog comments though. I want to do it more often.
    Such a thoughtful post. This opens up a lot of topics for discussion and chats.

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