Monthly wrap-up – January 2019

January lasted for about twelve years and friends, let me tell you, I’m thrilled that it’s finally over and that I can write this wrap-up!

in real life

January wasn’t a good, or bad month overall, it was just… well, January, as always this endless month between winter and spring where time seems to move painfully slowly and everything seems to be annoying, too. Not much has happened in the past month, between handling the cold, the snow, the endless working days and weekends going by in a blur, it’s been, well…

It’s been long. All that I hope is that February will be quicker and warmer and that spring will be here soon.

on books

After my holidays in late December and all the celebrations, with getting back to work and long commute and everything, I have been flying through books lately and… it’s been good.

📖 Books I read

If I appreciated the world this was set in, somehow this book felt a little too slow for me to completely love it. Full review here!

This was one of my most anticipated reads of the year and… well, it COMPLETELY delivered, it’s a new favorite already, I loved it SO much. Full review coming next week!

Well that was what I’d call an ADORABLE graphic novel, I really really enjoyed it and please read itttt. Full review here!

I have been wanting to read this one for AGES and I’m so glad I did, because I found it incredibly well-written and imaginative and I had EMOTIONS. Full review coming soon!


I am a huge fan of Laura Silverman’s debut, Girl Out of Water and her sophomore novel sounded perfect and it was, no pun intended, PERFECT. Really. I cried okay. Put this on your TBRs! Full review soon!

Buddy-read this with the amazing Taasia! I wanted to get to Emma Mills’ books and I’m so glad I did, this was such a fun, sweet read and I loved this group of friends. Full review soon!

I was kind of nervous to read this, because it has been quite a hyped book, but damn I was really surprised. I loved the characters, loved the world, the twists, the everything. DEFINITELY put this one on your radar. Full review soon!


I have decided to include a new mini-category for the time being with my reading progress overall. I am not a reading challenge kind of person, but I have taken on two fairly easy and nice challenges this month and I’m going to try and track them a little bit here.

  • Goodreads Challenge: 7/60 books : on track!
  • Year of The Asian Reading Challenge: 1/10 books: on track! (The Reader)


I was still supposed to write a lot more than I did this month. I thought I would catch up with everything, new year and new resolutions and everything and finally finish my current draft of my WIP, but… well, life happened and I just didn’t take the time to do so. I’m so thankful for my sister, because she’s the one kicking my ass for me to get back to it and, miracle of miracles, it actually worked a little bit by the end of the month. I’m glad it did because I have less than 1/3rd of the book to get through.

I am just so. slow.

Oookay so… I’m putting this new category right here to track my writing progress, too. I need to finish editing my WIP this year, I really do. I want to do more, so this is my way of guilt-tripping me into GETTING BACK TO WRITING.

  • Words written: 3088.

on the blog

January has been kind of a whirlwind on the blog. I had new projects for January: I kicked them off early in the month with my new author features and I am thrilled and honored and so, so very happy to see that people seem to have enjoyed it so far.

I also happened to have the best month ever, statistically on the blog and I’ve been so thankful for it all, your warm comments and support and visits. Thank you for being here and visiting my small corner of the internet, I feel like sobbing every now and then because of it. Thank you!!

Anyway here’s what happened this month on the blog, in case you missed it.

📖 Book reviews

Click on the book covers to be redirected to my reviews.

💻 Book blogging

📚 Book discussions

📝 Book Tags & Awards



💬 Author Features




In February, you can expect FAVORITE BOOKS to be reviewed on the blog and I’m very very very excited to boost them, as well as a continuation of the authors feature that I am having such a great time with. I hope you’ll love it!

Okay so… I have A LOT of blog posts to share this month. If you’re looking to blog-hop, I got you covered here.

I got lucky enough to be featured and talked about in these AMAZING posts by fellow bloggers I love very very much, so shout out to….

📚 Books & Reading

💻 Book Blogging


💛Mental Health

Is there a blog post you are particularily proud of this month? Feel free to send it along with your comment!

How was January for you? Did it feel just as endless as it did for me? I hope you had a great month and that positive things happened.

What was your favorite book this month? Do you think this will be a great reading year? Tell me everything in comments!



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120 thoughts on “Monthly wrap-up – January 2019

  1. I was sick for the full month of January, which honestly sucked, but weirdly I felt like the month went by extremely quickly. Either way, I’m so happy to be in the month of February. I feel like I’ve been on my blogging game, and it feels amazing. You already want me to read just for clicks, it seems like just the perfect book fro me. I’ve been doing a lot of reading recently, and so I’m going to be more consistent with my book posts! Great post and happy February Marie xxx

    Melina |


    1. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear you were sick, Melina, I hope you’re feeling better now ❤ I'm so happy that you've been reading more and hope you'll check out Just For Clicks, it is such a good book, I loved it! 🙂
      Have a fantastic month, love! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree that Januarys are usually a drag and slow. My reading was good but I failed miserably at keeping up my blogging schedule. I loved several of your posts this months and I will be hopping to those links you have shared.


    1. I hope that you’ll be able to blog a bit more this month, sometimes life gets in the way and we can’t help it. I hope you’ll find some blogs and posts you love there! Thank you so much for your sweet comment 🙂


  3. So glad you read some amazing books (and loved them) in January, Marie! I’m definitely super excited to hear your thoughts on You Asked for Perfect, since I know you’ve been anticipating that one for so long, and also The Fever King! And congrats on writing this month as well — it may not have been as much as you wanted but progress is progress and you’re doing amazing ❤

    And aahh congrats on great stats this month, Marie!! You 100% deserve it (and more!), you're one of the best bloggers I know. And thank you so much for linking to my post, that means so much to me!!! I hope you have an amazing February — and I might have said this already but I haven't commented in a long time so I just wanted to say (again?) that your new blog header IS SO CUTE!!!! ❤


    1. Oh May thank you so, so, so much for your sweet words and your support, this means so much to me, really ❤ ❤ and you're so welcome, I loved your post, well, I love every single one of your posts so much.
      I'm so happy you like the new blog header, thank you! I'm so happy with it, Kat is so talented! ❤
      I hope you're having an amazing February so far ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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