Sharing all of my book blogging firsts!

It’s funny to look back at when I first started blogging. At this point, I feel like blogging has always been there and can’t imagine not taking time to check out my favorite bloggers on the weekend and brainstorm new blog post ideas and scream about books with some of my closest friends who I, yes, met through book blogging.

As I’m writing this, I realize that blogging has been there for almost 1/5th of my life?! I feel like an old dinosaur or something, but I just couldn’t imagine it any other way, for all that blogging brought me.

Today, I thought I’d look back, go back down memory lane and cringe at the 1st month blogger-me trying to figure things out and cry at what I used to write. So let’s go back. We’re in late November 2014 and I’m there, sitting on my bed, 600 miles away from home (most likely in my pyjamas), after a long day at university, creating Drizzle & Hurricane Books with no idea what the heck I’m getting into.

I’m participating for this blog post in a very, very cool blogging tag I found out on AJ’s awesome blog, The Book Blogging Firsts Tag. This tag was originally created by Kristen @ Metaphors And Moonlight.

πŸ’» First blog name and design?

Drizzle & Hurricane Books was, well, is, my first blog ever, I guess. I guess tumblr does not count as a sort of blog? I did have a tumblr, I did have a traveling tumblr filled with pictures of my sister and my travels. I never really had a blog before this one, though.

My first blog name was, well, Drizzle & Hurricane Books and that hasn’t changed.

My first blog design is one that I kept until February, 2017 and it was the theme Twenty Fourteen on WordPress. I’m not going to show you what my blog used to look like, because I like it so much better now, but I can show you the theme!

⌨️  First blog post?

I have written, this blog post included, 717 blog posts. Can you believe it? Because I can’t. Going back 700 blog posts, I realize that my first blog post was, well… a review! Back when I thought book reviews were the heart and soul of book bloggers. (I was wrong)

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πŸ“– First book review?

My first book review on my blog was Recovery Road, by Blake Nelson. This was most likely not my best review, yet not as terrible as I thought it would be, somehow? This book turned out to be a three stars, for me.

πŸ“Β  First meme participated in?

It took me over a month to get started and participate in book memes – which is a shame, really, and most likely why I did not felt part of the book blogging community and felt a bit lost, too. Despite not doing them right now, you have to admit that memes are quite awesome to connect with the community, especially for the first time.

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The first meme I participated in was, surprisingly, not Top Ten Tuesday (that was my second one!), but Waiting on Wednesday. I mentioned Vanishing Girls, by Lauren Oliver and it is to this day one of my favorite books of all times.

πŸ’¬ First discussion post?

I find it really funny and also kind of suprising, because my first discussion post on the blog was actually… about writing and not about books. I talked about NaNoWriMo and my very first attempt at it, basically how I completely failed and how, somehow, it still was okay.

I can’t believe I was so thoughtful and calm about it? I also can’t believe I talked about writing straight away, when now it takes me ages to bring up the courage to write a blog post about writing and my WIP and mentioning how I am so terribly failing at it?

πŸ’ž First book blog I followed?

One of the first book blogs I followed and started chatting with was Ashley @ Socially Awkward Bookworm (I think we started blogging around the same time, too?) and… well, ever since then, we’ve chatted in comments and I’m proud and happy to say we still are. Ashley is such a wonderful book blogger I’m so happy to have followed.

Also this deserves a mention, because up next I have Kat’s blog, Life & Other Disasters and I can’t believe it’s been this long and I’m proud to say that Kat has an amazing blog and is one of the best people I’ve met through blogging and everywhere and you should follow her.

πŸ’ First follower?

I can’t recall my first follower, but I know some mutuals I’ve started chatting with on a regular basis ever since I started blogging:

  • Summer, one of the best bloggers and people I know, now unfortunately quit blogging;
  • Joey, because our first interaction dates back from 2015 (and I feel old);
  • Ashley & Kat, some of the people I first followed, too.

πŸ“š First book I read because of other bloggers?

I think one of the very first books I’ve read really because of book bloggers, the hype and because everyone couldn’t stop thinking about it, was…. Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda. I wouldn’t have heard about this book if it weren’t for book bloggers and I most likely wouldn’t have read it that quickly, either. I would have gotten it eventually, because it’s a contemporary, I’m a marshmallow and this sounds perfect for me, but sometimes… well it takes me time to get to some books?

I’m really glad I gave into the hype all these years ago, because to this day, Simon vs. is still one great, great book I do not regret reading.

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my book blogging firsts, friends!

I’d love to hear these lovely bloggers’ firsts, if they would like to share them of course:

Bloggers, is your current blog your first one? Do you remember your first blog post?

What’s the first book – or the one you can remember – that book bloggers made you read? I’d love to hear from you in comments!



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  1. Awww this is such a cute tag to come back to! Wow I can’t believe you written over 700 blog posts! Congrats! You’re one of my favorites so I love seeing more content from you! Also, Simon is one of my favorites and I would have read it regardless but I’m glad I read it at the right time!


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