Bullet Point-Review: Scream All Night, Derek Milman

Happy Friday, friends! I’m back today with a bullet-point review of a book I didn’t expect to enjoy as much as I did. I love good surprises, don’t you?

The book

Derek Milman, Scream All Night, Published by Balzer + Bray, July 24th, 2018.

goodreads-badge-add-plus-fad3b68d35050280ea55d50f17c654b5Dario Heyward knows one thing: He’s never going back to Moldavia Studios, the iconic castle that served as the set, studio, and home to the cast and crew of dozens of cult classic B-horror movies. It’s been three years since Dario’s even seen the place, after getting legally emancipated from his father, the infamous director of Moldavia’s creature features.

But then Dario’s brother invites him home to a mysterious ceremony involving his father and a tribute to his first film—The Curse of the Mummy’s Tongue. Dario swears his homecoming will be a one-time visit. A way for him to get closure on his past—and reunite with Hayley, his first love and costar of Zombie Children of the Harvest Sun, a production fraught with real-life tragedy—and say good-bye for good. But the unthinkable happens—Dario gets sucked back into the twisted world of Moldavia and the horrors, both real and imagined, he’s left there.

With only months to rescue the sinking studio and everyone who has built their lives there, Dario must confront the demons of his past—and the uncertainties of his future. But can he escape the place that’s haunted him his whole life?



  • Right from the synopsis, I knew this would deal with family a whole lot, and I was not disappointed on that part. I really loved the focus on family overall, how Dario, coming back after a while, tried to find his marks again and I really appreciated seeing him and his brother’s very complex relationship develop on the page.
  • Talking about family, a heads-ups is needed: this book definitely deals with a very dysfunctional family. It also deals with abuse, something that Dario faced in his childhood and is still dealing with its consequences. I didn’t expect the story to deal with such a hard theme, but it did it in a brilliant way, because….
  • Well, Scream All Night is a very strange, very absurd kind of book. In a good way! Why, you ask? There’s the setting. This book is set for the most part in studios, where they shoot horror movies. Absurd horror movies. Obviously, this happens too in the book and well, from crazy scenarios to crazier situations and encounters, that made this book a very entertaining, very surprising read.
  • Then, you get Oren, Dario’s brother – he’s creative, he is a bit lost in in own world and definitely contributed to that absurd part of the book, too.
  • And you get incredible character development in this story, as Dario faces his past and what happened to him, takes matter and his future into his own hands and everything else. I loved that so, very much.




  • I wasn’t totally on board with the little romance we get in that story, but only because I feel like it was a bit rushed. If the two protagonists knew each other when they were little, before Dario left, it was years ago and I feel like they could have taken a beat to, I don’t know, get reaquainted a little bit. But that’s just a personal preference.
  • It’s kind of a shame that the beginning of this book has some problematic content, but I think that’s important to mention. In the first chapter, there is a bit of homophobia and a joke about sexual assault and that kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I was glad I kept on reading, but still that wasn’t totally okay for me.


Scream All Night was a surprise – I didn’t expect to have such a fun time while reading it, especially knowing that it was marketed as a horror kind of book. It’s not really, despite the setting as a whole, this book really focuses a whole lot more on family, with great character development as a whole which made me have a fun time reading it.

Final rating: 3,5 drops!

The biggest thanks to the author for sending me an e-ARC of this book. This did not, in any way, affect my opinion and this review.

Trigger warnings: abuse, mental illness, drug use, miscarriage.

Do you want to read Scream All Night? Why, or why not?

Do you know other stories with dysfunctional, complex families? Let me know in comments!

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22 thoughts on “Bullet Point-Review: Scream All Night, Derek Milman

  1. I completely understand why you would be bothered by those two points. It’s 2018, and I’m not okay with homophobia. At the same time I guess, this doesn’t necessarily reflect the authors thoughts, because they are creating a character. It definitely makes me not like which ever character that says that though. I’m glad you liked it overall. I gotta say though that I hate rushed romances! Great review Marie xx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

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    1. I agree with you – it was too bad that the book started on a bad note like that. I’m happy that this bad thing did not reflect the book as a whole, the rest of it was pretty fun and entertaining, but I’m still kind of disappointed this was featured in the book at all :/
      Thank you so, so much for your sweet comment Melina ❤

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  2. This book definitely looks interesting and I’m not sure on what my thoughts on the cover are? Because the cover is definitely a style I enjoy.. but I don’t think I really like the font style and color scheme all that much. But this sounds so cool as for the setting and for the dealing with the abuse?

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    1. Haha I get it – the cover intrigued me as well and… I’m still not sure whether I like it or not, haha. It was such an interesting story, the setting was so original overall 🙂
      I hope you’ll want to give this a try and that you will enjoy it if you do 😀


    1. I 200% get that – I am not into horror kind of books, usually. That one though was not that much horror, it really was family and character-focused and all of the horror elements were more absurd, it wasn’t scary at all 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy it 😀
      Thank you for your sweet comment! ❤ ❤

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  3. Great review for this book Marie, it sounds like from what you said Scream All Night would have been a better read if it had left behind the romance and instead just focused on the family development. It sounds like a complicated family relationship to explore throughout this book but sometimes I feel like it’s become a thing that all YA books have some kind of romance angle. Still despite the cons (sucks about the homophobia aspect to, I mean yeah it’s just in the first chapter but was it needed in the book at all?!) it sounds like this was a decent book, so I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

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    1. Yes exactly – I feel like there “had” to be some sort of romance and, for me, it wasn’t necessary in this book. I loved the family aspect and how it developed in the story and I wish it could have focused on that, but yeah, like you said, I feel like they somehow “need” to put a bit of romance in everything overall. Oh well, it still was a fun read 🙂
      Thank you so much for your sweeet comment! ❤ ❤

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  4. I have to admit, books marketed as horror ones don’t really appeal to me, but the premise does sound really unique! And of course, books with focus on family relationships and dynamics are always interesting 😊 But… seeing that it doesn’t seem like my type of book, and reading your “I Had a Hard Time With…” section (especially the romance part — I cannot stand rushed romances, they definitely need time to develop!), I don’t think I’ll get around to reading it. 😇

    As always, amazing review, Marie! 😋

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    1. I 200% get your decision here – I feel like this book could have done without the romance and everything would have been perfectly fine, I loved the family dynamics and wish the focus could have been on that all the way 🙂
      Thank you so, so much for your sweet comment! ❤ ❤

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  5. Is it bad that I’m actually hoping for something less fun, and more scary? xD It’s been a while since I read horror! Plus the homophobia thing is ~not~ fabulous, and making jokes about sexual assault? Even worse. Also, you know how I’m going to feel about that romance.. xD BASICALLY~ this isn’t my kind of read, but I’m glad it surprised you in a good way! Fantastic review as always. ♥

    – Aimee @ Aimee, Always

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    1. Hahaha not at all 😛 I 200% get it. This book was classified as “horror” on goodreads, but it wasn’t that scary, the setting was a bit unsettling, but it was more absurd that scary somehow? 😛
      Thank you so, so much Aimee! ❤ ❤ ❤


  6. I’m glad you liked this book! Although the homophobia does put me off a bit, it is just one part and I hope he changes it. It still isn’t ok but it’s better than the whole book being problematic which I was afraid of. Nevertheless, I hope to get this book for an entertaining read!

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    1. I understand and honestly, it was just the beginning, which was a bit disappointing and the author can easily get rid of it :/
      I hope you’ll still give it a try, it was an entertaining read 🙂
      Thank you so much for stopping by! 😀

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  7. Though the release date of this book has already a thing of past, I am yet to read it. I am not sure if I am going to read it anytime soon. And why they have promoted it as a horror book when it is not?
    Loved your review. It gave me insight as to what should I expect from this one.

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    1. I don’t really know – I think it’s shelved as horror, because the main character’s father own an horror-film-company, but the horror elements in that book were more, absurd and fun than actual scary-kind of horror. If that makes any sense 😂
      Thank you so, SO much, that means a lot that the review could be useful to you!! ❤ ❤

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