Favorite, anticipated books and other bookish and blogging questions answered

Are you sick of me answering questions about me, myself and I?

To be honest, I am honored to have been nominated so many times for book tags and awards, ever since I started blogging and… I have the hardest time keeping up with everything. Sometimes, questions are hard to answer, sometimes I am lazy and sometimes, well I do it anyway because these questions still are a lot of fun and I am hoping you are enjoying these kind of posts as much as I love reading them on other blogs.

Today, I want to thank the wonderfully amazing Marta @ The Cursed Books for her nomination for the Liebster Award, as well as Alienor @ Meet The Book World for her nomination to the Sunshine Blogger Award. These two are some of my recent favorite book bloggers and, if you don’t know them or their blog just yet, what the heck are you doing with your life?!

Alright, after this short introduction, I’m ready to answer some questions the best that I can, starting with Marta’s lovely (and hard) questions.

What are your top 5 favourite blogs?

Well, this is starting well…. how am I supposed to choose five blogs here? I want to quote everyone and spread the love for everyone here?!

  • Kat @ Life & Other Disasters is my anchor in this blogging adventure and a lot of the time, in life struggles as well. She has the BEST tv shows recommendations and amazing book recs as well.
  • Beth @ Reading Every Night is and will forever be one of my favorites, she has the best fantasy recommendations for me as well and I just love her and her blog so much.
  • Sophie @ Sophie’s Corner is also one of my recent favorites, I love her blog and chatting with her always about everything.

Obviously I will mention, not out of obligation or because of this nomination, but because I genuinely love these bloggers, too and want to give them a better shout out.

  • Marta @ The Cursed Books, is one of my favorites for sure and I love how we honestly can talk about everything and blogging struggles. Still remember when she started blogging and look at her now, such a rising star.
  • Alienor @ Meet The Book World, who I recently discovered and have been loving. Such a great blog, such amazing recommendations and overall I am looking forward to chatting more with her. She deserves all the love so check her out.

I am missing tons of amazing bloggers here and I apologize. I could talk about Hannah, Jackie, May, Swetlana, Ilsa, Ju, Sim, Fanna, Tiffany, Aimee, Caro,  and so on. Sorry if I forgot you here, I LOVE YOU ALL OKAY.

What is your ultimate otp/favourite couple? (you can choose just one)

JUST ONE? I can’t do it.

Okay. Maybe Ron and Hermione.

What are three characters that you relate to?

Eliza, Isla and Lara Jean, I’d say. All of them have little parts of me in them and I could relate to them a whole lot.

Which post are you most proud of writing?

Hm…. I think I am very proud of writing my latest post about my book blogging pressures, because I was scared to write it and put it online and ultimately, I’m glad I did.

Female characters that everyone dislikes, but you absolutely love?

I’m going to turn this around and mention one female character I actually dislike, because I couldn’t think about one I love that everyone hates, haha. I’m going to mention The DUFF, since I saw the movie adaptation quite recently and… if it was enjoyable and okay, well I remembered how much I didn’t like Bianca in the book haha.

What are some of your favourite tropes?

I HAVE A WEAKNESS FOR THE CHILDHOOD FRIENDS TROPE. I also love the enemies to lovers one.

If your shelves were endangered, what three books would you choose to save?

This is such a hard question, I wouldn’t know how to answer it, I LOVE ALL OF MY BOOKS they are my babies. I think, in the end, I’d save my special edition of Looking for Alaska, because… well, because, my signed copy of Lauren Oliver’s Ringer and probably I’ll Give You The Sun.

What are some of your most anticipated releases of this year?

There are so many releases I am anticipating, and my sister wrote about it at the very beginning of this year, actually, quoting some fabulous titles. As we’re already mid-March, I thought I’d mention a couple books I can’t WAIT to read that are coming soon.

What is your favourite adaptation? (can be either movie or tv show)

Hm, I think I’ll have to go with Harry Potter – it was a pretty faithful adaptation overall and I loved seeing the world come alive on the big screen. Obviously it was not perfect, but nothing can really be perfect when it comes to book-to-movies adaptations, so… I thought they did a decent job.

What are some of your favourite standalones?

What. You said some.

What is your biggest pet peeve in books?

Hm… I don’t know about my BIGGEST pet peeve… I tend to have low tolerance now when it comes to love-triangles and insta-love, though.

What are your thoughts about DNFing books?

I….don’t DNF books. I already mentioned it before, if you’re not new to my blog, you won’t be surprised by that answer. I buy about 99% of my books, so… I have commitment issues in here, meaning that I have and will finish these books, because I spent money on them and they might as well be finished here. Also, I want to believe that the end will maybe save up the whole thing? Eternal optimistic haha.

What’s your favorite novel with LGBTQIA+ romance?

…that’s all I can come up with right now. DO YOU HAVE RECOMMENDATIONS FOR ME?

Do you read translated books?

Hm… that’s a strange question, ahah. Given that I am French and my mother language is French, I do read translated books in English and books in French, too? My skills in other languages suck, so I couldn’t read anything else, I think.

What’s your favorite diverse book?

Hm that’s such a hard question, I have been loving so many books lately… here are a couple books I loved. Again, if you have more recommendations, LET ME KNOW!

What’s the hardest thing about blogging for you?

Coming up with all the ideas? Keeping up with the book blogging community? Trying not to scream about blogging every day?

Hm. I wouldn’t even know where to start here, there are lots of struggles and things that make me feel, well, not that relaxed about blogging. I think, honestly, the hardest thing for me is that: the pressure that comes with blogging, one that you just don’t imagine when you first start out. I’m working on it, though.

What’s your all-time favorite novel and why?

Probably John Green’s Looking for Alaska, even if I am reading tons of amazing books now thanks to book blogging and it IS CRAZY TO ASK ME TO PICK A FAVORITE.

Where do you usually read?

As I am working full-time, I do most of my reading on the train (I have a 2 hours commute everyday) and during my lunch breaks. So when people try to talk to me during that time I’m just like…

What’s the review you’re the most proud of and why?

Hm that’s a great question?? I am never really proud of my reviews, I always have a hard time writing down my thoughts and I feel like I am rambling on and on. I liked the review I wrote about Eliza and her monsters lately, since I loved this book so much, but… no I’m not really proud of my reviews.

What’s your favorite movie adaptation of a novel (or a series)?

I’d still go with Harry Potter, so…. I’ll answer with my favorite movies from this series, here and mention The Goblet of Fire and The Deathly Hallows, Part II (insert ugly crying here).

Who is you all-time favorite character and why?

I.don’t.know.ahhhhhhhhh. This is so hard haha. Eliza, Lara Jean and Isla that I mentioned above are some of my favorite characters for sure, because I could relate to them a whole lot. I loved Starr from The Hate U Give as well, Camelia from The Belles was pretty amazing, too and…. how come, when you ask these questions, I can’t quote any character?! Am I weird?!

What do you think of my answers? Agree, disagree? What are some of YOUR anticipated releases, so I can add them to my endless TBR? And your favorite tropes? Book adaptations?

Do you have a hard time picking a favorite character as well? Let me know your thoughts in comments!

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73 thoughts on “Favorite, anticipated books and other bookish and blogging questions answered

  1. Oh my GOD you are so, so adorable and you just made my day??? I’m so happy to have discovered you and your blog, your discussion posts are parts of the best out there and I can’t wait to read more from you ❤️ Thank you for answering my questions 💕

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    1. Eliza was WAY too relatable, it was even hard to read at times, haha. And YES, Final Draft sounds SO good, I have loved Riley Redgate’s books so far, I can’t wait to read that one 🙂
      Thank you so much for stopping by, Joey 😀 x


  2. emergency contact!!!! i’m so excited about that one bc it’s about a texting romance (I think???) and that’s so different and relevant alsdjksadjsa 😀 also the cover. & I love all the blogger you mentioned too!! ❤ ❤ ❤ marta's book club is the only one I've ever joined and I'm so excited c: & childhood friends trope is so precious

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    1. AHHHH YES someone excited about Emergency Contact, I feel like this book deserves more hype because it sounds AMAZING??! So glad you can’t wait to read it either 😀
      The childhood friends trope the beeeeest haha, it just gives me ALL the feels all the time haha 🙂
      Thank you so much for your comment!! ❤

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  3. Eeeep so honored to be one of your favorite bloggers. ❤ I also adore you and your gorgeous blog–thank you for your brutal honesty, and your amazingly thought-provoking discussion posts. ❤

    As for your answers… I'm seeing some of my most anticipated reads on your list, too! I can't wait to read The Astonishing Color of Us (the magical realism aspect sounds EPIC), Save the Date (MORGAN MATSON!), A Thousand Perfect Notes (Queen Cait!), etc. I also see some similar fave standalones: Amy & Rogers, The Summer of Chasing Mermaids, The Sky is Everywhere, and I'll Meet You There. OH AND SIMON VS, OF COURSE.

    I ADORE your reviews, though. You should totally feel proud about them. They're super thorough and cover everything I want to know. Rambling is great, too–it shows that you're passionate about what you're talking about. 😉

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    1. Oh thank you, Aimee, you are so, SO sweet, this means so much to me ❤ ❤
      Oh yes, I can't wait to read these books, The Astonishing Color sounds SO incredible and unforgettable, really, and Cait's book will certainly give me ALL HE FEELS. I can't wait.

      Oh thank you so much, that's so sweet of you to say ❤ ❤ I don't know, I always feel like I struggle with my reviews, but I also know I'm always my worst critic 😂 Thank you!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


  4. I am dying to read Emergency Contact. I may have to actually order a copy ASAP, because I really want it so bad! I can’t wait for it to come out. I love the cover for A Thousand Perfect Notes. I seriously want to read every single book of your favorite standalones! I think I even own almost all of them minus a few. HAHA. I need to finally read them. Great post and answers!

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    1. Ohh same here – I need to pre-order it soon or something, I can’t WAIT to read it. It sounds amazing, I can’t believe it’s not… more talked about on the blogosphere? I feel like it deserves more hype 🙂
      Oh yes, if you own these books, you NEED to read them soon, I’d love to know hwat you think 🙂
      Thank you so, so much 😀 x

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    1. Oh yay, The Forbidden Wish is SO AMAZING, I couldn’t NOT talk about it. More people really need to read it 🙂
      Oh thank you, you’re so sweet, I try my best ahah 🙂 thank you so much!! x

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  5. I loved reading your answers for these tags Marie. 🙂 I was very pleased to see Jandy Nelson’s releases on your favourite standalones answer, and Amy and Rogers Epic Detour because wow is that an incredible book, definitely one of my favourite YA contemporaries as well. 😀
    I have a low tolerance (in fact I’d actually say I hate) love triangles and insta-love. They’re two of my ultimate peeves in books but I love the friends to lovers and enemies to lovers tropes too. The Hate U Give is amazing, and so is Simon Vs, are you excited for the movie to be released? (I’m assuming like in the UK it hasn’t been released in France yet either?)
    Again great answers for this tag, and great post as well. 🙂 ❤

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    1. Oh thank you so much, Beth! 🙂 I’m so glad you agree about my pet peeves – and yes, friends to lovers always have to be my favorite bookish trope, it just never fails at giving me ALL THE FEELS, haha, I love it. ❤
      I can't wait to see Simon, vs. ! I have to wait until late June to see it in France though, it's not releasing before then 😦 IT seems so, so far away, especially knowing SO many people have seen it already haha. When does it release in the UK? I hope you'll see it before I do? haha 🙂

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      1. That’s all right! 🙂 ❤
        There's something kind of comforting about those tropes isn't there. I dunno either way I can't get enough of them.
        Oh god I thought having to wait until April was bad knowing everyone in the US had already seen it. Well hopefully it will prove worth the wait I guess when it's finally released (in the UK it's April 6th, so not too much longer now).

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  6. Coming up with ideas and keeping up is really hard, isn’t it? I find that as soon as I get caught up on one thing, everything else piles up! I loved reading all of your responses. I hope that you enjoy the books that you are anticipating this year. 🙂

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  7. Marie you should totally be proud of your reviews! I love how honest you are in them, and when you like a book, it clearly shines through your writing 😊 Your reviews have gotten me to read Far From the Tree (now one of my favs) and now put a hold on Eliza & Her Monsters @ my library, btw! And haha, I can totally relate to your answer for where you usually read… of course I don’t work full-time because I’m a full-time student, but I do most of my reading in between classes as I’m waiting for my class to start. I love talking to my peers, but when someone interrupts me just for small talk & to ask “What book are you reading?” when they CLEARLY DON’T CARE… le sigh. 😅 I enjoyed reading your post!

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    1. Oh wow, thank you so much Zoie, this means SO much to me, you have no idea. ❤ I always feel like I am rambling or having a hard time writing how I felt about a book. I'm glad that my feelings come through enough for you to want to read the books, THAT IS MY GOAL ❤ And I can't wait for you to read Eliza and her monsters, this book was amazing ❤

      OH I so understand the feeling 😂 when we are reading, we just don't want to be disturbed, but people don't seem to get this 😂
      Thank you so much!! ❤

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  8. First, let me just say that your gifs are amazing! The Ted one from HIMYM had me chuckling, it was so appropriate.
    Also, every time I read your blog I remember how similar a book taste we have. I have always counted Lara Jean as one of the characters I relate the most to as well. I still haven’t read Eliza (I feel like I am always saying that) but I will soon I promise! And I LOVE Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour, the Summer of Chasing Mermaids, I’ll Give You the Sun, and Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between. I am SO excited for Save the Date because Morgan Matson is one of my favorite authors and I am yet to dislike one of her books.
    Hm, I’m trying to think of some diverse book recommendations for you. I haven’t read this yet but I heard Love, Hate, and other Filters is good? Also I am Thunder? And I am excited for You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone.

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    1. Aww thank you, so glad you enjoyed these – I’m not going to share how long it took me to find the right GIFS. It always takes way too long 😂

      Aw this makes me SO happy – I love that we have such similar taste in books! Here’s to hoping that you will love Eliza as well, it was such a wonderful and really relatable book for me. ❤ AND YES, Morgan Matson is such an amazing author, she's one of my favorites as well and I loved everything she has written so far. Can't wait to read that one 😀

      Oh thank you so much for the recommendations! I heard amazing things about Love, Hate and Other Filters as well and You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone is on my TBR already, I can't WAIT for that one. I'll have to check out I am Thunder 😀
      Thank you so much, Sydney! 😀

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  9. I’m also super excited for Final Draft! I loved Riley Redgate’s first book and am super embarrassed to not have read Noteworthy yet. This Is How It Happened was another favorite for me, which really surprised me because I was not expecting a lot from it because I am not a huge fan of car crash books.

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    1. Oh yay, this makes me so happy! I found Noteworthy even better than Riley Redgate’s debut, hopefully you will feel the same way, I can’t wait for you to read it 😀
      I’m glad to hear you ended up enjoying This is how it happened, it was a great story for sure 🙂 x
      Thank you so, so much for your sweet comment! 🙂 x


  10. Gosh I love HP movie adaptation too, it’s definitely the best movie adaptation. There are flaws sure, but they are pretty minor compared to the whole magical feelings it had. I cried when the WB logo appeared at the beginning of Deathly Hallows part 2 because I thought the magic is finally over, and then I cried even more when I hear Hedwig’s theme on the first Fantastic Beasts trailer :’)

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    1. Oh I get it – I didn’t cry when I saw the WB logo for the last time in that last movie, but I get the chills every single time I hear the soundtrack for the Harry Potter movies, every. single. time. I think that will never go away haha 🙂
      Thank you so much for your comment!! 🙂 x


  11. I hadn’t been following some of 5e blogs listed so thanks for making me aware of some fantastic bloggers! I still haven’t read any of John Green’s books but have them somewhere on my TBR. I hate really sad books though so can you recommend any that aren’t too sad? I know, I’m a big baby! Lol. Thanks for the great post. There was a LOT of helpful content!

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    1. Oh you’re so welcome, I hope you found some amazing bloggers there 🙂
      Hmm well the saddest of them all has to be TFIOS haha so I wouldn’t recommend that one 😂 Looking for Alaska is my personal favorite but it does get a bit emotional, Turtles isn’t sad, but it’s… intense to read. Paper Towns / An Abundance of Katherines are certainly the least sad of them all haha 🙂
      And don’t you worry – I am a big baby as well, I cry A WHOLE LOT while reading books 😂
      Thank you so much for your sweet comment!! 🙂 x

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  12. Aweeeee, you are the stabilizing force and go-to-person when it comes to blogging and life as well. You are always so positive but we can also have our trademark mean moments. It’s awesome!
    Maybe we can buddy read the Morgan Matson book as well? The Brightsiders and Emergency contact is also on my wishlist.
    As for LGBT+ reps – just read more Nina LaCour! Do iiiit! We Are Okay and You Know Me Well are each awesome in their own ways. You know my feels on Call Me By Your Name too haha
    Great post, Marie ❤

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    1. It really IS awesome, it’s the best thing ever ❤
      OH YES I would love to buddy read the new Morgan Matson book as well. SO many books we can read together soon, I can't wait, I wish we could all read them right now. We'll have to make a schedule for everything 😂 😂
      I'm scared to cry a whole lot while reading We are okay, it sounds really emotional – but also… I love these kind of books, so I really want to read it? And that book cover, let's face it, I want it on my shelves too 😂
      Thank you so much ❤ ❤ ❤

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  13. I’m so sad that I’m not on the list… But as long as you know who we are I’m happy xD I love also I’ll give you the Sun, and I don’t know if you have read Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe, but you should totally read it! I also hate insta love… And explicit sex acts? Like with the Urban dictionary names -_-

    Great post!!!

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  14. AHHH LOVE YOU SO MUCH ❤ I also really hate insta love, but I'm a sucker for a good love triangle. I'm currently listening to the audiobook for The Hate U Give, and it's sooooo good!!! Also, one of your favs Lara Jean is going to hit the big screen~

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    1. I LOVE YOU MORE! ❤
      Oh I'm so glad you're enjoying The Hate U Give, such a brilliant and powerful story. AND YES LARA JEAN I just read the news yesterday and I SCREAMED about it. I am so, so, so impatient to see it! 😀
      Thank you so much for your sweet comment! 🙂 x

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  15. I used to commute for work and i loved reading on the tube. I usually took either the first train, or one during the afternoon where there weren’t that many people and i actually had a seat. It’s a miracle i only missed my stop 1x during those 2 years 😀

    I’m not a big fan of insta love either. I find it kinda sad…

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  16. I love this post so much, you’re so SWEET as always!! ❤
    I can't believe Marie, the blogging queen, called me a rising star. I feel like I should screenshot this post because it made me so giddy to read it. Thank you very much, lovely, it's a huge thing coming from you! ❤
    I loved your answers, I ADORE friends to lovers, but even more enemies to lovers (I know you probably prefer the former, but I'm such a sucker for bickering, so yes).
    Some of your favourite standalones are on my tbr too (some of those are actually on my list because of you, of course).
    Lovely post and thank you for replying to my questions, I know how many tags you have to complete! ❤

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    1. It’s, well really it’s just the truth haha you really are a rising star, (a star, even, no need for the rising) look at you doing so awesomely, seriously ❤
      Ahahah yes, bickering is quite awesome, but my favorite will always be the friendship developing into something more, that just makes my heart meeelt haha.
      Thank you so much for your sweet comment and for checking out my answers ❤ ❤ ❤


  17. Thank you for including a link to my blog love but you had to do it didn’t you… include a Harry Potter gif and mention Ron and Hermione so now i’m dying to watch it again. Ahaha there’s always time for Potter right?

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  18. I love this post! It was so interesting to read all your responses to the questions. I’m so happy to see all the Harry Potter appreciation in this post! 😉 I can’t do a tag post without talking about Harry Potter at least once, either. XD I agree that they’re definitely some of the best movie adaptations I’ve ever seen! (The only one that holds a candle to them, in my opinion, is the Book Thief adaptation.)

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    1. Ahahah I’m glad I am not the only one – I can’t NOT mention Harry Potter, especially with these questions. I love the adaptations so much, just talking about it makes me want to rewatch them haha 🙂
      Thank you so much, Olivia! 🙂

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  19. Hello Marie! Aww thank you so much for the shout out ❤ I love your blog and chatting with you as well 🙂
    I am also a big fan of the Harry Potter movie adaptations. I actually watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone first, which was what piqued my interest in the books in the first place. The movie soundtrack is so amazing and I thought that the cast was very fitting. When I read the books, I always imagined the characters to look like their counterparts in the movies haha 🙂
    I don't tend to DNF books.. technically. When I really can't bring myself to finish a book, I tend to set it aside for later, whether it is in a few weeks, months or even years haha :')

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    1. Oh you’re so welcome, Sophie, you’re one of my favorites, had to mention you ❤
      Oh I did exactly the same thing, but… I think that's also because I watched all of the movies before reading the book… I know, shame on me 😂
      Hahaha, well… you set it aside, but you don't entirely give up on it so that's impressive haha 🙂
      Thank you so much, Sophie! 🙂

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      1. Hmmmm… to be honest I feel like I have such a different relationship to the books and movies than other readers? I read the books while picturing the whole movies in my head, since I waited until ALL the movies were released to finally read the series. I also was in my late teens when I first read the books, then. I think I would have fallen head over heels with them if I read them first. I found them brilliant for sure, but… my love is always influenced by the movies 😂

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  20. I’d wish I was as sweet/bubbly as Lara Jean, but I’m a caffeinated, grumpy puppy. 🙃

    Childhood friendships are the best! I think my all-time favourite trope is fake dating. It must be why I love so much To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. 💜 Also, love triangles are the worst. Urgh.

    I have commitment issues myself. I’d rather die of boredom. I always read an excerpt before buying my books, though. I have a vague idea in what I’m getting myself into like that.

    I keep saying to never ask bookworms to choose their favourite /anything/, they will burst out in sparkles.

    Btw, I bought a copy of your Eliza and Her Monsters because of your review, so it must be a good review! 😊

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    1. OH I relate to Lara Jean in her “homey – pyjamas – eating cookies” kind of way hahahaha.
      Oh what a great trope – I don’t know why I never think of that one, I love it as well, especially how it happened in To All The Boys ❤
      AWWWW that is the sweetest thing to say, thank you, that means SO much! I really hope you'll enjoy it 😀
      Thank you so much ❤ ❤

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  21. Oh my gosh Marie PLEASE be proud of your reviews!! Your reviews are some of my favourite reviews in the community – they’re always so well-written and thought out you have so much to be proud of ❤️❤️❤️

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  22. Lovely post Marie, as always 🙂 Thank you for introducing me to Alienor. I just checked her blog and it is amazing 😀 Aww thank you for including me. You are so sweet 🙂

    As I have said earlier too.. many times.. I think we are soul sisters 😀 We have so many things in common. I love those tropes too.. CHildhood friendships and loves are best (I recently read Starfish with this trope). And enemy turned lover (To Kill a Kingdom). And yes I hate insta-love (though The Sun is Also a Star is an exception) and love triangles 😀

    I am yet to read all the three books that you mentioned with your favourite characters. In fact, I have to read all the books that you have mentioned in this post 😀 Yeah, I am pretty behind.

    Thanks you for including Simon. Isn’t he the cutest? Haha, I loved that GIF of Blair from Gossip Girl. I recently started watching this series and have completed the first season. I am quite enjoying it 🙂

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    1. Oh you’re so welcome, I am thrilled that you found a new blogger to love here 🙂
      I can’t WAIT to read both Starfish and To Kill a Kingdom, the fact that they have some of my favorite tropes just maks me even more eager to get to them 🙂

      OHH yay I’m so glad to hear that – I really love Gossip Girl and Blair is my favorite haha 🙂 I hope you’ll keep on enjoying it! 🙂
      Thank you so much 🙂

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  23. Ahh thanks for mentioning me, you’re the sweetest 💕💕💕
    QUEENS OF GEEK 💖💖💖I can definitely recommend How to Make a Wish by Ashley Herring Blake, it has a f/f romance and a bisexual main character! The author generally writes books about f/f pairs and has two more coming out this year 🙂 I also feel like mentioning Rebel Seoul as a diverse read, the book is set in futuristic Seoul and has so many lovable characters 🙂

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    1. Oh you’re so welcome, I love you and your blog so much 😀
      Ohhh thank you for the recommendation, How To Make A Wish is already on my TBR, I can’t wait to finally be able to buy it (when I can find a paperback for it, ughhh), it sounds amazing! I’m so glad you are recommending it 🙂 I didn’t know Rebel Seoul, I’ll check it out for sure 😀
      Thank you so much!! 😀

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      1. 💕💕💕 Right back at you 💕💕💕
        I think the paperback for How to Make a Wish is coming out March 15th this year, at least Amazon says so 😀
        Definitely do that, the book is so good 😍
        Always happy to scream about some underrated books 😀

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  24. Ah I love Kat’s, Beth’s and Sophie’s blogs. Ah I really relate to Eliza and Her Monsters and Isla! Love the childhood friends trope. I really don’t DNF either. And you should be proud of your reviews- they’re awesome 😀 Great answers!

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  25. Congratulations for these awards, Marie! I just opened my notification and saw me being mentioned in your blog post and now I’m on cloud nine because oh my God!! You’re such an inspiration, Marie, with all the amazing posts and beautiful blog, and it’s truly great to see myself among others 😀 I can totally relate with reading on the way to office because I used to travel everyday for two hours during my entire schooling, haha. So I can understand how important it is to make it evident enough to others that we are off limits in terms of talking XD And wow, I love the hat-to-love trope so much! And yeah, insta love is so unimaginable; it’s annoying. Also, nothing can beat Harry Potter when it comes to the movie adaptation because it was all so magical ❤

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    1. Aww you’re so sweet Fanna, thank you, but you are incredible yourself, really!! ❤ ❤
      Hahaha I am so glad to find someone who understands. Our reading time is sacred haha 🙂
      I agree, the Harry Potter adaptation was just magical, I loved it so, so much ❤
      Thank you so much!! ❤ ❤

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  26. I get tagged in a lot of posts too and I have to admit I rarely keep up with them all anymore. But yay for answering these questions! Sometimes the pressures which come with blogging can be quite intense to try and keep up with, so I definitely understand what you mean there. Oh, and I loved and could relate to Isla’s character too. I also think that it is epic that you have such a long commute because READING TIME!

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    1. It’s impossible to keep up with everything haha, we do our best, but… yeah, it’s impossile anyway 😛
      So glad to hear you love Isla as well! As for the long commute… it is annoying, I’m so glad I have books to keep me company 🙂
      Thank you so much for your sweet comment, Olivia 🙂

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