3 years of blogging – You asked, I answer : here’s the massive Q&A !

You had a whole lot of questions for me and I’m here to answer EVERYTHING. I apologize for the massive blog post and dare hoping that you’ll enjoy reading it. THANK YOU for making my three-years of blogging celebration AWESOME!

Kristin @ Kristin Kraves Books asked: What book character do you relate to the most? ❤

I think the character that’s very very, VERY much like me would have to be Isla, from Isla and the Happily Ever After.



Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff  asked: What gif best describes your favourite book of 2017? And the worst?

There are SO many books to choose from, so many books I loved this year, I don’t know where I’m supposed to start?! I think I’ll pick The Color Project, just so I can put this very accurate picture of me while reading.

As for the worst book… I think it was Layover, unfortunately. That book was not for me:

Beth (Reading Every Night) asked: If you could force the world to read one book, what would it be?

I think I’ll have to pick The Hate U Give, for obvious reasons. It’s powerful, it’s LOUD and it’s very, very much needed. A must read, really.

Beth (Reading Every Night) asked: If you could pick one book that is going to be released next year that you know you’ll love what would it be? / Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews asked: Is there a 2018 release that you’re dying to get your hands on?

Hm… for that one, I think I’ll have to pick The Belles. I have been eager to read this book ever since I first heard about it, over six months ago, and February seems WAY too far away ?!!



May @ Forever and Everly asked:  What are some of your most favorite books/series?

I have way too many books, I wouldn’t know where to start. Okay, favorite books.
Looking for Alaska, Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour, I’ll Meet You There, The Forbidden Wish, The Color Project, The Summer of Chasing Mermaids… THERE ARE TOO MANY BOOKS OKAY.

Favorite series : The Lunar Chronicles, The Wrath and The Dawn, the Mara Dyer Series, The Hunger Games…. there are TOO MANY SERIES OKAY.

Hannah @ A Mortal Reader asked:  What is a character you hate that everybody else seems to love?

Hmm, I don’t have a lot of inspiration for this one, I think I’ll have to go with Bella, from the Twilight series, but I’m not sure that’s a wildly unpopular opinion here haha.

Valerie @ The Innocent Smiley asked: What is the first book that got you (back) into reading or motivated you to first start blogging?

I don’t really remember what is the book that got me into reading. I’ve been reading before I knew how to. Seriously. I loved books before I could read them, hugged them as a small child haha. There’s not one book that got me into blogging either ; so to answer this question, I’ll go with the book I have the fondest memory of and the one that made me love reading so much, it’s the His Dark Material series.

ioana @dragonwaffles asked: What is one book that has changed your way of thinking in a particular way and how?

The Hate U Give really opened my eyes on many, many things, especially how the situation was and is in the United States, as I do not live there. The Hunger Games made me think a whole lot about our society as well, reality tv and so on.

ioana @dragonwaffles asked: And what’s one trope you never get tired of reading about?

My favorite trope of all times has to be the childhood friends one. I will never get tired of this one, hell I’m writing a book and will be writing books with this trope a whole lot. #sorrynotsorry

Kathy @ Books & Munches asked: What type of munches do you love but refuse to eat while reading?

I don’t know, probably a slice of bread or something, because I’d be too afraid to put crumbs everywhere. But I do eat my lunch every week day with my book, so… I’m pretty much not afraid of anything. Or I’m trying to be careful haha.

What’s THE bookish destination you’d like to go to some day? [And to make it a bit more interesting; anything HP-related doesn’t count, haha.]

I actually know how to answer that one and I’m surprised ?! I thought I would have a hard time, because obviously I wanted to pick some HP-related destination. I’m going to have to go with Zion National Park, though, because after reading about it in This is How It Happened, I so want to go there.

Claire @ Cup of Books asked: How many books do you roughly read a month?

It really depends on the month, but lately, on average, I’ve been reading about 5 to 7 books a month. Which is a whole lot for me.

Are you participating in any Christmas readathons this year?

I don’t really do Christmas readathons… or any other kind of readathons, for that matter ? I don’t know, the pressure scares me off and I never have the right books at hand to read anyway.

Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook asked: Who is your favorite female character from a series or trilogy or duology ?

Cress from The Lunar Chronicles series. She’s just… she’s adorable, a geek and just like me.

theorangutanlibrarian asked: What book do you hate the most?

50 Shades of Gray, probably. I just… I don’t GET it. Not in a way that I am dumb, in a way that I just don’t get what’s all the fuss about. This book. IS. SO. BAD.?!!

Meggy | Chocolate’n’Waffles asked:  Would you rather live with a plant that eats book pages as soon as you leave them out of your eyesight or be forbidden to read more than a book a month?

WHAT IS THIS CRUEL QUESTION. I would like to read one book a month, I think. I couldn’t stand seeing my books destroyed?!!

Shanti @ Virtually Read asked: What’s the strangest thing that has happened to you because of blogging?

I thought about this for so, SO LONG, Shanti, and couldn’t come up with anything?!

Have you ever posted a post you regret?

Hm, I don’t think so? I’ve always taken a whole lot of time to think about my posts and schedule everything, so… if I regret something, I’ll just let it sit in the drafts forever ahah. I probably regret what my early posts look like, when I first started blogging. And no, I’m not going to show these here.

Has being a blogger changed your sense of identity?

I think so? I think blogging really changed me and made me realize overall how crazy about books I am?!

Chrissi @ChrissiReads asked: How do you motivate yourself to keep blogging?

Thing is… I don’t motivate myself, YOU do. It sounds weird to say this, but I know the reason I am always coming back to blogging is because I love the community, I love chatting with other bloggers and everything. So, really, what motivates me is the community overall and the fact that I will have new and great people to chat with everytime I come back.

Beth (Reading Every Night) asked: Is there anything looking back over the three years you’ve been blogging that you wish you’d done? / Shar @ Virtually Read asked: Do you have any regrets about blogging?

I think I did pretty much all I wanted to…. in my own time, I guess. Do I regret not talking to other bloggers earlier? YES. Okay. I regret tons of things. Even now, I hate myself sometimes when I blog. But well… that’s life haha.

Beth (Reading Every Night) asked: Have you got any exciting plans for your blog for 2018?

I want to say I have TONS of things planned, but to be honest… I think, for the first time, I don’t have any special or big projects planned out for the blog next?! This makes me feel weird. I need to think of something?!!

Beth (Reading Every Night) asked: Other than something book related what would you say is the best thing blogging has done for you/introduced you to/helped you with/all of the above?

I think blogging really has helped me in a personal way. It made me gain a whole lot of confidence about who I was, what I loved and the things I could do. It made me a bit less afraid to state my opinion and less afraid to let my passion shine for books. It gave me sense of purpose and drive in my life and I love it.

lucindablogs @ lucindaisreading asked: Do you use other social media platforms to talk about books or promote your blog?

I do use social media to talk about my blog : I’m only using twitter though and a bit sporadically. I’m over at @dh_books, if you want to give me a follow:)

Kathy @ Books & Munches asked: Apart from your first physical ARC, what was another blog-related first that meant the world to you?

When someone actually referred to me for the first time as a “successful” blogger. I know everyone has their own definition of success, whether it’s views, followers, comments or whatever else. This little mention made me feel like all the work I’m doing (it’s fun but let’s face it, blogging IS WORK) was worth it and paying off.

Kathy @ Books & Munches asked: How much in advance do you schedule your posts?

I schedule my posts for the upcoming week, the weekend before, so… not too far in advance, when you think about it. Whenever I know I have an upcoming hiatus, I’m always trying to squeeze in more posts every single week, in order to plan things out for when I’m leaving.
Sometimes, I don’t. The girl needs a break as well.

Shar @ Virtually Read asked: If you could name you blog anything else, what would you call it?

Hm… I don’t know?! Books and feels??!

Shar @ Virtually Read asked: What’s your favourite post?

I think it’s maybe the one where I share my struggle as an international blogger?

Poulami @ Daydreaming Books asked: What has been your best blogging moment(s) throughout this year?

Taking this year only, I will have to be very superficial here and say, getting my first physical ARC from a publisher. I am an international blogger and this was a massive deal.

Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff  asked: What emoji would you use to describe your blog?

Oh that’s a hard question. I think I’m a bit awkward so I’ll go with that one (also, because it’s my favorite): 🙈

Literary Lattes asked: What’s your blogging routine? Do you listen to music, watch something in the background, eat/drink anything etcetera. 🙂

Oh this is such an interesting question, I love it. My blogging routine pretty much goes like this :
I sit down and open my Post Schedule on Excel (yes. I’m sorry. I’m a freak like that).
I look at the upcoming week and see if I’ve written down any subject ideas.
I go back to my phone notes and see if I have any ideas there.
I freak out for about ten to twenty minutes because I am frustrated – don’t know what to do – have too much to do – I just like to freak out ?!
I finally get the idea and start writing blog posts.
I schedule like a crazy for the whole weekend.
Usually, I have the TV as a background noise and drink tea. I don’t eat, food is my reward.

Dani @ Perspective of a Writer asked: Who are your biggest influences (as writer and blogger)? Who do you admire most? Who or what inspired you to do what you’re doing now?

There are too many bloggers to start quoting them all?! Tons of bloggers inspire me, really. As a writer, I think I’m really influenced by John Green’s books, as well as Lauren Oliver’s work.

What is still your biggest challenge blogging?

My biggest challenge, every single day, is keeping up with it all. Writing the blog posts, blog-hopping and sharing the love, commenting, thinking of new ideas and so on. It really is a time-consuming hobby and even if I’d like to know that I’m managing my time okay and doing as much as I can to blog hop and share the love within the community… it’s a struggle sometimes. All the time. But I love it, so I guess it’s okay.

Cam @ Camillea Reads asked: How has your blogging style/posts changed since the first year?

Looking back, my blog is nothing like it was at first. The only thing that remained is book reviews and even these changed a lot. I feel like they have grown, in the way I write them and in the way I am alone thinking of books and what they are bringing me.
I used to participate in memes, mostly top ten tuesdays and waiting on wednesday, but gave them up a little while ago, because they took me a lot of time and I wanted to write something else, something different. These posts brought me blogging friends and trafic, they were fun overall, but I got over them.
I started writing more discussion posts and more and more posts about blogging, book blogging, my struggles and advice. I realized they are the posts I enjoy writing the most.
I also slowly started talking about writing on the blog, something I always have been a little shy about.

Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews asked: When you first decided to start your blog what were your expectations?

I expected to blog on my own, but really didn’t expect to find so many bloggers to talk with. I expected to get bored of this and give up, and here I am three years later?! I expected to get bothered with all of this and, even if I am at times, I still keep on going, so… I guess I’m loving it anyway haha.

Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews asked: How do you come up with so many fabulous ideas?

YOU ARE WAY TOO SWEET. I am far from having tons of fabulous ideas haha, I don’t know. I just like ranting a whole lot?!

Dani @ Perspective of a Writer asked: What does a weekday in the life of Marie look like?

Hm… I feel like my answer will be so disappointing here, if we are talking about a weekday right now ahah. I’m working so my weekday looks pretty much like this. Up at 6 a.m, on the train by 7 a.m where I am reading my book. At work by 8 a.m where I earn money to buy more books. Lunch break with my book, back on the train and back home by 7 p.m, where I eat, shower, blog-hop and go to sleep.
Adulting is fun, isn’t it.

Melanie @ Breakfast at Melanie’s asked: What is one of your hobbies besides blogging and writing?


Lindsey @ Lindsey Reads asked: Since you love travelling, what is your favorite place you’ve visited already?

London is one of my favorite places of all times, but another recent favorite would have to be Dublin and Ireland.

From left to right: Geneva, Dublin, Belfast, Giant’s Causeway, Carrick-a-Rede.

And if you could suddenly teleport (so no need to worry about saving up for a trip or having the time to go), what would be the first destination that you’d think of and teleport to? AND… what bookish character would you love to have as a travel buddy?

Hm…. maybe Australia, New Zealand and Canada, three places at the top of my bucket list. As a travel buddy, I’d probably take … my sister. Okay. A character would be….Henry from Words in Deep Blue? I have a little crush on him haha

Meggy | Chocolate’n’Waffles asked: What’s your favorite clothes item?

I think it would be my Dublin sweater.

Meggy | Chocolate’n’Waffles asked:  How much do you love me? :p

(had to answer that one with a Donna gif. OBVIOUSLY)

Meggy | Chocolate’n’Waffles asked:  Blue or Black pen?

Hmmm…. blue, probably?!

Sim @ flippingthruthepages asked: I asked you on Twitter to show your pic 😀 Well, I still want that 😛 and don’t tell me again that you are shy!

But… I am shy. Also, I hate showing my face hahahaha. OKAY, I’ll do it.

What….if you look closely…it’s me, heading to Hogwarts. As anyone should.

Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff  asked: Any amazing travel plans coming up? / Shar @ Virtually Read asked: What’s next on your travelling agenda?

I’m going to the north of France after Christmas for a couple days, but I used to live there so it’s not really an amazing travel plan, more of a habit now ? As for 2018…I’m planning something for my sister’s birthday in the spring, probably somewhere in France, and still thinking about next destinations for the summer ?

May @ Forever and Everly asked: Do you love mangoes???

I knew that question was coming. I know you too well, don’t I ?! Also… OBVIOUSLY, I love mangoes !

What’s your favorite part about writing?

Hm, I think it has to be creating the characters, the world, making them evolve and everything. I just love whenever I am deep into writing-mode and I’m ignoring everyone and everything happening around me, and the story just flows through my fingertips and is actually happening in front of my eyes as I write the words.

I swear I am not crazy. Tell me I’m not crazy haha.

Hannah @ A Mortal Reader asked: What is your food weakness? Something you crave a lot or would struggle to turn down?

CHOCOLATE. Every. Single. Time. I can’t resist.

ioana @dragonwaffles asked: Favourite type of tea (and if you don’t drink tea -> beverage of choice) (I am really curious about this one ok because you seem like the Earl Grey type of person)?

Well… I actually AM an Earl Grey type of person, how did you know that ?! I also really love anything with agrums.

Pamela Nicole @ Reverie Society asked: What is your fave fruit?

Ohhh this is such a hard question, I LOVE fruits ?! I already talked about mangoes before – I see you May, if you’re reading this. I think my favorite fruit has to be strawberries ?

Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook asked: What is your favorite show on Netflix (I need recs)

Okay, I actually don’t watch Netflix a whole lot, if I’m being honest. My favorite Netflix show is the one I watched lately and it would have to be Gilmore Girls Revival, ahah. Otherwise, some of my favorite current shows are Jane The Virgin, The Royals, The Bold Type, Modern Family.

Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews asked: When are you coming to visit me in Australia ;)?

When I learn how to fly?! No, seriously, I wish it weren’t so far away, I’d come RIGHT NOW.

If you read until the end, THANK YOU, you are so, so sweet and I hope you enjoyed reading this and getting to know me a bit better. If you have more questions, ask them away in comments and I’ll answer!

What is your favorite book so far this year? Is there a trope you can never, EVER get sick of?

Do you have a blogging routine or not? What has been one memorable blogging moment for you? I’d love to know, so share your thoughts in comments! Also, if we have anything in common, let me know!!

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63 thoughts on “3 years of blogging – You asked, I answer : here’s the massive Q&A !

    1. Oh thank you so, so much Kristin! I’m so glad I’m not the only one staying away from readathons. Never say never, but for now… they just stress me out hahaha 🙂
      thank you so much!! 🙂

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  1. Favorite book of the year: A Charm Of Finches. Favorite trope: pretty everything with romance. Best blogging moment: the first author who agreed to be interviewed! When I showed up on the WP readers after nearly 11 months without showing and without getting comments from others on my posts (was like shouting in the desert) 😉

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  2. Congratulations on three years of blogging! That’s a lot of dedication. And north of France? Might be habit, but that sounds like an amazing habit to have! I kind of have a blogging routine, although recently I’m blogging more about my extracurricular activities in addition to books, so it’s more of a “write-when-I’m-inspired”, which I think is a good way to get back into it after a long hiatus I had. I can spend hours writing a blog post or staring blankly at the computer screen, but once I’m in the zone, I can write in strings without too much going backward (although when I’m not ‘in the zone’, writing takes me forever, haha). Again, congratulations!

    claire @ clairefy

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    1. Oh thank you so, so much, Claire! 🙂 Well, I live in France ahah I am pretty used to goin around the country, but… I guess I’m lucky in a way 🙂 I’ll have a place in my suitcase for you if you want hahhaa 😛
      Oh I think it’s a great way to blog, especially coming back from a long hiatus – we need to let ourselves write when we are inspired, in order not to make blogging too much of a chore, because it shouldn’t be 😀
      thank you so so much, Claire! hope you’ll have tons of fun blogging 😀


  3. MARIEEEE, I can’t believe I’ve lost the opportunity to ask you something, well… Perhaps next time! But the post was great and your answers were lovely as always. Please take me with you when you’re travelling to New Zealand, will you? ❤ Also, I can't believe you're watching The Royals and I've only found out now, I haven't watched the latest season, but it's been a favourite of mine. *whispers* do you like Jasper and Eleanor???
    I don't know if I should congratulate you again, I feel like it's getting too much? Well, whatever, congratulations! ❤ You're my favourite book blogger and you're an inspiration to me, bby! Thank you for all your beautiful posts and all the dedication you put in here!

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    1. Ohhh well… you can ask me anything now, if I haven’t answered it in this post, I’ll answer it right now, anything you wanna know 😛
      AHHHHHHH YOU WATCH THE ROYALS TOO???? I love this show so much, I am OBSESSED. Jasper and Eleanor… well. Let me cry for a second, I MISS THEM ugh my feeeeeeeeeelings. I love them a whole lot. Wow. Sorry for the sudden fangirling here hahaha.
      Awww yo are so, so sweet, thank you so, so much, this means so much to me you have no idea ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Your top five otps and also tips on how to be as awesome as you are? 😄
        I DOOOO!! I think I might catch up over winter break, have you seen the tweets concerning the creator having sexually harassed women from the cast and the crew? I wonder if it’s going to affect the show. I hope they just fire his ass and continue with the tv show. Jasper and Eleanor have such a off-charts chemistry, I adore them! 😍 They are my problematic babies!
        You’re the sweet one! 🤗😘

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      2. Are we talking bookish or…. all otps of ALL TIMES here? 😛
        Alright, hmmmm, for the bookish ones, off the top of my mind right now, I’d say Ron and Hermione, Khalid and Shahrzad, Cress and Thorne (The Lunar Chronicles), Aladdin and Zahra (The Forbidden Wish), Bee and Levi (The Color Project) .
        And … I’m far from being awesome, you are WAY too sweet! < 3

        Yeeees I have seen this, I really hope they will keep on going with the show, I think the next season has already been done, so… fingers crossed we get new episodes soon! 😀

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  4. Ahh such fun questions! Yay for London, it’s definitely one of my favorite travel destinations too! And Dublin, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand are pretty much on my travel bucket list too.
    My favorite books this year is the Red Winter trilogy by Annette Marie, followed VERY closely by A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab. I also can’t get enough of the childhood best friends trope, and am also very fond of the enemies-to-lovers trope or the ‘misfits coming together to form their own little family’ trope 😀
    Also, I WISH I had a blogging routine. It’s mostly just trying to frantically take any moment of free time I have and try to get blog posts ready, comments replied to and blogs hopped… It’s still a litlle chaos, so thankfully I still love it so much anyway 😉

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    1. Oh I haven’t read the Red Winter trilogy… I have no idea what it is about ahah. Is it a fantasy series? *hides*
      A conjuring of light was SO good, I loved it. It gave me SO many feelings as well, Schwab is amazing at creating worlds and characters and make you feel everything for them. ❤
      Hahaha, well… it may be chaos, but if you love it, that's what matters 😀 thank you so much!! xx


  5. I loved reading your answers for all of these questions Marie. 😀 ❤ I was beyond thrilled to see some of my favourite series on your favourite books list as well; mainly The Lunar Chronicles because that's an amazing series right? 🙂 I need to read The Forbidden Wish soon and I'm definitely going to check out The Belles, because if it's a book you can't wait for it needs to be a book I add to my to-read list as well.
    I hope you manage to come up with something for your blog next year, and also the main thing blogging has done for me is give me lots of confidence. It's a great thing isn't it?
    There are so many books I can't wait for for next year, the main ones at the moment is Iron Gold and Obsidio, both are going to be amazing! 😀 ❤
    Great post, and great answers to all these questions as well. 🙂

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    1. Awwww thank you so, so much Beth! ❤ Oh yes, you NEED to add The Belles to your TBR, I can't shut up about that book and… I haven't even read it yet hahaha.
      It is an amazing thing, I neve thought it would do wonders like that for me, in a personal way. I love it ❤
      Thank you again! ❤ ❤

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  6. Wow. That’s seriously a lot of questions! Good job on answering all of them! 😀 I really loved reading all of your answers! ❤
    My favourite book of this year is either A Darker Shade of Magic or The Forbidden Wish. I seriously adored both books, they are fantastic! I don't really have a blogging routine, I just try to post at least 2 times a week whatever I feel like. That's as far as I can go, otherwise blogging would feel like a chore to me (and I'm afraid I would stop enjoying it then). I don't have one particular blogging moment of the year, rather this whole year has been great – I have met some amazing friends and got the chance to discus things I love with people! 😀

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    1. I didn’t realize how many there were until I put the post together, haha. I’m really happy people were so curious and wanted to ask me things ahah 🙂

      OH YES, I love your favorite books, Anna! I can’t shut up about The Forbidden Wish, it is TOO amazing ❤ ❤

      You're so right to take things this way: it's important to remember that we love it and make it, well, not a chore 🙂
      thank you so much, Anna! ❤ ❤

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    AMY AND RODGER’S EPIC DETOUR. OMG I adoreee that book it was so cute and fluffy and efjdskjnregbkdjnfslcre. thug. THUG. THUG!!!! OMG!!!


    I loved your answers, congrats again on three years of blogging!!

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    1. YES WHY??? You should read this as soon as you can. I have a feeling you will fangirl a whole lot when you do! 😛

      AHHH I am so happy to hear you love Amy & Roger as well! I feel like everyone is talking about every Matson’s books… except for this one, ahah, but it is so good 🙂

      thank you so much!! ❤ ❤

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    1. I didn’t realize I had so much until I put it all together… it took me hours and hours to make this post hahahaha.
      Also … you know me too well, I wonder if there’s anything left you could ask me haha 😛

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  8. HAHAHHAHAHA MARIEEEE. Yes you know me too well. 🙈 And strawberries are good too! I love all fruits ahahhaa. And omg how do you have all the time to read & write & blog with work?? At least you have train rides, right? 😂

    I was debating whether or not to read I’ll Meet You There but now that I know it’s a FAVORITE FAVORITE of yours, I’m definitely reading it!! And YESSS THUG is really a must read for everyone!! So glad I got to BR it with you 💖

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    1. FRUITS are so great, I loveeeeee fruits. I also love chocolate very much. Fruits with chocolate are the best combo haha.
      To be honest… I don’t know. I’m a bit crazy?! Train rides are bothering, but I wouldn’t read too much without these, so… in a way, I’m glad haha 🙂

      OH YES PLEASE DO READ IT??! It is such an amazing book, it gave me ALL THE EMOTIONS in the world. I hope you’ll love it May!! ❤ ❤

      Thank you so much! ❤ ❤ I'm so happy we buddy-read THUG as well, should do another buddy read at some point!!

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  9. Hello! Strawberries! Mine must be green grapes XD But I do love strawberries as well! As for my favorite trope, I don’t think I will ever cease loving hate-to-love. But I don’t like it too much when the two characters don’t like each other beacause the guy is an idiot. I like it when it’s more about cultural differences, or something else that causes a rift.

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    1. AHHH GRAPES! I didn’t think of that one while I wrote the post, but I could have picked it too, I love grapes!
      Oh yes, I understand what you mean – I love the hate-to-love trope as well when it’s done well and when it’s about more than just, well.. “he’s an idiot, I don’t like him” kind of thing 🙂
      thank you so much, Pam!! ❤


  10. Yay I’m so excited for this post!! I really relate to Isla too- that was my favourite book in that series 😀 hahaha love your gif choices! Hehehe favourite books are so *hard*. Ooh yes, Hunger Games is so thought provoking. I *love* childhood friends in books! And gosh I relate to Cress too!!! Hahaha omg you’re so right about Fifty Shades- I mean, it’s just not well done- so I don’t get what the fuss is about either. Hahaha oh my goodness Meggy’s question was tough- but I have to agree with you- the destruction of books is just too sad of a prospect!! Ahh I so agree- it’s how amazing this community is that keeps me coming back too 😀 ❤ OMG I also have a post schedule on excel *high five*!! I agree it’s time consuming- but worth it 😀 I’m very camera shy too, so I really relate 😉 And yes to Earl Grey! Best type of tea 🙂 Awesome post!!

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    1. Awww thank you! I’m so glad you liked this post ahah, it was a bit long, I apologize 😛
      I’m so glad you love the childhood friends, it’s such an amazing trope!! I love it so much ❤
      OHHHHH YES for the post schedule on Excel haha, so glad I'm not the only one. I love being organized 😛
      thank you so much!! ❤ ❤

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  11. OMG, i completely agree about 50 shades of grey! I read the first book and a half I think, and I honestly didn’t get the fuss. The book was poorly written and I think there are much better books in that genre! Great Q&A, as always, added even more books to the ever-expanding wish list, aha! I loved getting to know you more xxx

    Melina | http://www.ivefoundwaldo.com

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  12. MARIE i have been SO behind on blog hopping! SO SO BEHIND That i missed the oppurtunity to ask you any questions. Aw, I missed out this time. 😦 I WASNT EVEN HERE TO CONGRATULATE YOUU Let me wallow in sadness and guilt. I AM SO SO SO SO SO SO SORRYYY!!!

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    1. Ohhh well if you have any questions, you can ask them right now and I’ll answer everything 😀
      AND PLEASE DON’T BE SAD AND SORRY, you are here now and so, SO SWEET, thank you soooooooo much ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


  13. Wow, congratulations on 3 years blogging, Marie!!! *throws confetti around* Where did the time go…?
    His Dark Materials ❤ ❤ So much love for that weird, weird series! I think it was one of those books that really had an impact in me and definitely one I have the fondest memories of, too 🙂
    Readathons scare the bejeezus out of me too so I stay clear off them… But I do some personal challenges from time to time.
    I'm so glad blogging gave you more confidence and a community to make you feel welcomed and loved ❤ That's what's most important, I think! It's a big struggle sometimes, but one we go through happily 🙂
    Your blogging process, as "chaotic" as you make it sound like, looks a lot more organized than mine hahaha (which is just: come up with a post the day before it's posted. Done xD)
    AND CHOCOLATE BUDDY, WE MEET AT LAST! 😀 How is it so hard to say no to this delicacy? How??
    Another amazing post, Marie, and it was lovely to read all of your answers to these epic questions 🙂 Keep up the wonderful work!

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    1. Aww thank you so much, Sophie!! ❤
      I am glad you feel the same way about the His Dak Materials series, it is such a beautiful series, I feel so nostalgic whenever I think of it. ❤
      Hahahah wow, I don't know how you do it: I always need to have things planned out, except when I take a real break, otherwise… I'm just stressed and bothered aha.
      YES CHOCOLATE. A day without chocolate is not a good day, that's for sure 😛
      thank you so, so much, Sophie! ❤ ❤


  14. Our favorite book of the year is the ultimate question, isn’t it? Speaking of questions, wow, there were a lot here! I guess that’s what happens when you have three years worth of them building up 🙂

    Yeah, my blog has changed a lot over the years too, though I think it’s more similar to when I started than yours. I just really like the bluejay I initially designed, though I am in the process of making some design improvements as that is not the case with, well, pretty much everything else 🙂

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    1. OH yes, that’s THE ultimate question… but the year is not over, still time to read a favorite book 😀
      Well, I LOVE the bluejay so I can say that it’s a great choice 🙂 I’ll be looking forward to your design changes and improvements if you’re making these soon (I am reaaally curious, ahah) 🙂
      thank you so much, Jacqueline! ❤ ❤

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      1. Yes, still time 🙂 Glad you love it ❤

        Believe it or not, I actually created the blue jay when I was around 13 or so, long before I started my blog. Maybe I could do a whole post about my personal history with my blog's logo, LOL.

        Some of the changes are already implemented, they've just happened so subtly over the last couple months I don't think anyone noticed.

        There should still be some more to come in the near future though, just as soon as I have a day to devote to my blog layout 🙂

        You're welcome, Marie! ❤

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  15. I WOULD HAVE NEVER TAKEN YOU AS A MANGO LOVER! Hahahah. And yay! Thanks for answering my question! 😀

    I also tried to zoom in on your face, but failed. Ah well.

    My favorite book of this year is Starfish, which I know you STILL have to read. And a trope I can never get sick of…hmm…I’m not sure haha.

    My blogging routine sucks because of grad school, but I used to have one where I wrote all my posts on weekends, and commented on Tuesdays and Thursdays. What a life back then.

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    1. Hahaha, well… I don’t eat mangoes often, but… I do like them haha 😛

      Ohhhh okay.. well someday I’ll share a close-up of my face if you want haha, I’ll try 😛

      yes yes YES, I hope I’ll be able to read it in early 2018, I can’t wait, it sounds like the kind of book I’d love ❤ ❤

      Oh best of luck for grad school, Valerie, you can do this, YOU ARE THE BEST. ❤ ❤
      thank you so much! xx


  16. Ooooh I love this so much! Also yay you answered my questions! I never really want to show my face on the internet (or like my last name or anything) even though some people are comfortable with it. I do have my face on Instagram, but it’s super small, and I guess that about how much I’m comfortable with. Like, I don’t think anyone would stalk me or anything but still?? Anyway, I really enjoyed this post it was the BEST ❤ ❤

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    1. Of course I answered your questions, they were all so great 😀
      I understand your thoughts – I just don’t feel… like showing my face too much, it’s just a matter of privacy or something?! I don’t know haha, I’m uncomfortable with it in a way. 😛
      thank you!! ❤


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