Travel diaries: let’s go to Lyon!

Hi guys! How are you? Did you spent a lovely month? Tell me everything! April was pretty good for me. Spring is finally settling in and a few extended weekends are coming so that’s awesome!

I turned old this month and to celebrate I went away for the weekend with my amazing sister. So I decided to share it with you guys. Hope you’ll like it and please if you have any questions, fire away! Let’s hop on a train (or plane or car or whatever) and hello Lyon, France 


As a French gal and with a family affected by the traveling bug, I’ve had the chance to visit many cities in France. But you know what? I still haven’t seen it all, haha! Lyon is a city located in east-central France, in the  Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Known for its gastronomy and architectural landmarks, it is the third-largest city after Paris and Marseille.

Place Bellecour

The first stop is Place Bellecour. Measuring 312 m by 200 m, it’s one of the largest open square in Europe.

👍 What I liked : the statue representing the Petit Prince and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry at the west end of the square.

👎 Wasn’t so fond of : the people, LOTS of people since it hosts the Lyon tourist office and four major shopping streets  start here.

The Rhône and Saône Rivers converge to the south of the historic city centre forming a peninsula or “Presqu’île“. West, you’ll find the original mediaeval city, Vieux Lyon, at the foot of the Fourvière hill known as “the hill that prays“. This area is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I love it when rivers are crossing cities, don’t you?

Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière

Wandering the streets of Vieux Lyon, you’ll always have a look on that pretty basilica. But first…

Lyon Cathedral

Lyon Cathedral! Located in the heart of the old town, this Roman Catholic church is super impressive! With a large plaza in front of it, you’ll find yourself staring at it for quite a time I can assure you.

👍 What I liked : the architecture and the architecture and…well the architecture. So pretty, don’t you agree?

👎 Wasn’t so fond of : that bride and groom who were posing in front of it messing up my pictures, haha!

Ancient Theatre of Fourvière

After a quick trip by funicular, you’ll find yourself in this ancient Roman theatre located on the hill of Fourvière. It was built in two steps: around 15 BC with a 90 m diameter theatre and  at the beginning of the 2nd century with a 108 m diameter theatre which could seat 10 000 people! Nowadays, the theatre is primarily a tourist site, but it is still used as a cultural venue.

👍 What I liked : the history behind it and it’s just really impressive to see!

👎 Wasn’t so fond of : ALL THE STEPS. Haha, I’m kidding of course, I’m not THAT lazy.

Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière

And now…my favorite! Overlooking the city, you can’t miss that minor basilica. It draws from both Romanesque and Byzantine architecture. Fun fact : its local nickname is “the upside-down elephant” because the building looks like the body of an elephant and the four towers look like its legs.

👍 What I liked : the architecture and well… the whole building, I’m just in love guys!

👎 Wasn’t so fond of : I guess all the tourists and the work ongoing next to it made it feel a bit less magical

Look at that view! From the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière, you can admire the whole city. Of course, it takes a bit of endurance to get there (if you didn’t take the funicular that is…), first the stairs (a LOT of them) and then a lovely walk through the gardens, but YES, YES, YES, it’s totally worth it.

Park of the Golden Head

Last stop but not the least. Located in the 6th arrondissement, this urban park is pretty large with an area of approximately 117 hectares. You’ll find a lake on which boating takes place during summer but also a zoo and sports facilities like mini-golf.

👍 What I liked : the peaceful atmosphere, the lake, the trees and flowers and that magnificient wrought iron gate known as Gate of the children of the Rhone at the main entrance. Overall, a perfect spot for a picnic!

👎 Wasn’t so fond of : the ducks trying to steal my food! It’s MY food, damn it!

Rosette de Lyon
Coussin de Lyon
Salade lyonnaise
  • Rosette de Lyon : It’s a French pork sausage and damn, it’s so yummy. It’s perfect for cocktail hour or with Raclette!
  • Coussin de Lyon : Yes it’s green, yes it looks kinda funny but let me tell you I got addicted to this sweet specialty. It’s marzipan filled with a chocolate ganache flavored with curçao liqueur. Yum!
  • Salade lyonnaise Traditional French salad made with frisée – a curly bitter salad green – hot bacon, some buttered croutons, a freshly poached egg and of course a fine dressing with balsamic vinegar, walnut oil and parsley. Doesn’t that make your mouth water?!

Already been to Lyon? What did you think? If not, do you want to go now that you’ve read my article? What’s one city you’d like to visit in France?

Let’s chat in comments 💬

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  1. I was pretty lucky as a kid. My dad was a commercial airline pilot and I had an aunt who lived in Paris, so our family went to France more than the average American. Before I was 22 i’d been there 8 times. There are so many beautiful cities, but I do remember thinking Honfleur was really pretty, and really liking the castle at Chenonceau. I hope I spelled those correctly! I loved your pictures, thanks for sharing!

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    1. Wow, that’s awesome! You’re so lucky! Yes you did don’t you worry. Never been there but they both look SO pretty! I’m adding them to my travel bucket list right now haha 😁

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  2. Wow this looks amazing Nyx. I’ve never been to Lyon before but after seeing your photos it’s definitely a place I am adding onto my must-travel-to list. Your pictures are gorgeous and I love what I’ve seen so far of the architecture, and what you mentioned of the history as well.
    Great post, and I hope you had an amazing time in Lyon and an amazing birthday as well! 😀 ❤

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  3. Wow! Your photos are lovely, Marie! I haven’t been to Lyon, but it’s on my short-list for France. One of my friends is an avid French chef and he has made me Coussin de Lyon so many times. I just *adore* them. Two of my favorite things mashed together, flavored with alcohol? Yes please!

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    1. I’m Nyx, Marie’s sister but thanks! 😁 Oh my, you’re so lucky! I brought some back but I’ve eaten them all by now, I want MORE! Haha 😋

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  4. Hi, Nyx! I don’t think we’ve met but I’m Shelumiel, a blogging friend of your sister. This is lovely! From time to time, I’d see Marie talk about France and IT JUST ABOUT KILLS ME. What a beautiful country you have! And I’m not really a Salad Dude but I’d wolf that Salade Lyonnaise down!

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    1. Hi Shelumiel! Nice to meet you 😁 Thanks, I feel really lucky to live here. Hahaha, hope you’ll taste it some day 😋


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