Bristol, Stonehenge & Bath: an England #summerdiary

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening friends! How are you ? I hope you had a wonderful week, or at least that it was less stressful than mine. Cold and summer nostalgia is coming to bite me in the, well, you know where, and I’m clearly missing wearing dresses, sunglasses and exploring the world.

To make what seems like it’s going to be a loooong winter a little more bearable, I’m taking you back with me this summer, on holidays to wonderful England, with another travelling-diary of sorts. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

This summer, I got lucky enough to plan a two week trip around a couple of cities in England with my lovely twinnie sister. My love for this country is very, very, well, MASSIVE, and needless to say I was thrilled to be back.

First stop : Bristol āœˆļø


Maybe it’s because we had cheap tickets, maybe it’s because we hadn’t been there yet, but Bristol got its place on our bucket list. A not-too big English city, with its monuments, history, and its share of lovely places. I think what I loved the most here – despite Waterstone’s -let’s face it, I can’t NOT go into a bookshop when I see one. My apologies for my sister, and YES for my self-control. I would have bought the whole store, I swear – well, what I loved the most, is how kind of, cosy it felt.

Bristol Cathedral
Bristol Cathedral

People sure had a particular accent, and it always takes me a bit of time to get what’s happening when someone has such a massive British accent, but it’s so good to hear it again. This sentence is a summary of my feelings the first two hours walking and hearing people talking in English all around me. Definitely was born speaking the wrong language.


Clifton Suspension Bridge
Clifton Suspension Bridge

šŸ’­ In a short summary: We got a bus right away from the airport to the city centre (no waiting time! yikes.). We explored the city and did lots of shopping already in the first days. We entered every bookshop and I only bought one book #whoami (Don’t worry. This was only the first day). We took a bus with a rude driver. We walked and saw a pretty big bridge. We got a bit soaked by the rain but hey, this is England, what did you expect? We climbed I can’t remember how many stairs to see the city from above. We saw squirrels. We ate fish and chips.

A day-trip: Bath šŸ”

Bath-dhbooksAnother city we wanted to explore, was Bath, but we didn’t want to make this a two day trip or something. Mainly because we are massive planners and crazy and we are way too fast when we’re exploring a city. We are too motivated I guess. So we choose the day-trip option, and it was just enough to see what we wanted of the city.

Ā Bath-dhbooks Bath-dh-books

The Roman Baths
The Roman Baths

šŸ’­ In a short summary: we saw the weird and typical buildings of Bath. We met great people. We turned time while visiting the Roman Baths. We ate where people recognized our French accent. We went back through time again visiting old ballrooms and thought of us as princesses for two seconds. We met George Clooney (well, almost).


A day-trip: Stonehenge šŸ˜±


Now THAT was for sure on my bucket list for a long, long time. As a fan of all weirdness in the world, I couldn’t NOT want to see Stonehenge, and I’m glad I did. I mean, what is this, really, and why is it there? In the middle of nowhere? To be honest, there’s a road kind of close-by now, which kind of takes away the magic of the place, as does the whole lot of tourists just as well. But I guess if you just stare at these and forget everything else, you just realize how crazy weird this place is.

šŸ’­ In a short summary: we stared at stones for too long. But I guess that was the point.



I hope you enjoyed traveling with me once again! As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts about these travelling posts, and if you have any ideas how to improve these, or if you want to see more of any particular places – cities, or advice of sorts or anything, let me know! šŸ’¬

Did you ever go to one of these places ? Do you want to ? Are you amazed / slightly creeped out by the weirdness of Stonehenge ? Let’s chat in comments! šŸ’¬

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49 thoughts on “Bristol, Stonehenge & Bath: an England #summerdiary

  1. I live in England I still haven’t visited these places myself! It’s great to experience your travels, if you plan another trip over here perhaps one with little villages then Chatsworth is worth seeing. Have you heard of Chatsworth before?
    It’s not to far from where I live actually but its a big stately home to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire but films like Pride and Prejudice, The Duchess and The Wolfman were filmed there and also they dress it up for christmas, this year its The Nutcracker but one year they did The Chronicles of Narnia. You should google the photos, it looks gorgeous!

    Here’s me trying to tempt you back to the UK šŸ˜‰ Great post as always Marie x

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  2. I want to visit these places so bad one day. Especially Stonehenge. I’ve always been interested in everything about that. Anytime it comes up in a history class or in passing I get really excited šŸ˜‚. Also, that picture of Bristol Cathedral is so gorgeous! We were just talking about Gothic architecture in my Humanities class and I really love how it looks. That must have been such a fun trip, Marie! šŸ˜Š

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  3. Definitely born with the wrong accent! Hahaha, thick British accents make my ears bleed for a couple of minutes until I get used to them. It doesn’t help that I chose to focus on the American one :p Thankfully it doesn’t take long to absorb new melodies!
    You met George! Everything looks fantastic, I can’t believe I’ve never been there! But I was so happy to see your pics on Instagram šŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you Liam! I guess that’s one of the perks of living in Europe, and well in my hometown as well. I’m in Germany in less than an hour and Switzerland in a couple hours, same goes for Luxemburg and Belgium ahah. It’s pretty nice for a quick getaway…but I still dream of big far away places across the oceans šŸ˜‚ Thank you so, so much! ā¤

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  4. I loved seeing another glimpse of your holiday in England Marie, these are gorgeous pictures and it seems like you had a brilliant time as well which I’m guess is the whole point of a holiday isn’t it? šŸ˜€ ā¤
    I haven't been to Bath or Bristol (although one of my friends went to uni in the former city) but I have visited Stonehenge. Me and my friend decided to drive there for a day trip and long story short we spend a grand total of ten hours stuck in my car because of traffic on the way there and back. If I ever go again I'll be getting the train but like you it was something off my bucket list and staring at the stones for so long is kind of the point as well right!? šŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s all right! ā¤ Aww that's so sweet, obviously I wasn't on holiday at the same time but meeting you was definitely a highlight for me as well. ā¤
        I think it was just tourist traffic jams on the way there but on the way back it was just traffic on the M25, which is notorious for traffic so we should have known really, and yeah despite the massive amount of time spent in my car it was a great day out. šŸ˜€

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  5. I was really impressed with the countryside in that part of England when I went to Bath and Stonehenge. It was so beautiful!

    When I went to Stonehenge it was slightly overcast so it made it really ominous. Definitely one of the coolest attractions I have ever been to!

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  6. You have done it. You added ALL of these beautiful places to my bucket list! Buying all these tickets is going to make money CRY but I want to do it so badly! The photos are so gorgeous and these places so lovely, I can’t complain a single thing! Love these travel posts so hard! ā¤

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Ok first off- have you seen the video “what’s the meaning of stonehenge?” cos it’s amazing!
    Secondly I haven’t actually been to these places- they’re on my bucket list for 2017- so hopefully I will make time for them! But, yeah, I’ve never been *hangs head in shame* – they look so lovely! Looks like you had an awesome trip!

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  8. I just happened across your blog and enjoyed reading your trip report. Such pretty pictures, especially Bath. My husband is British and so far I’ve visited England six times to see his family. We always try to mix touristy things with the family visit and even though we’ve done several road trips around the country, including a six-week mega trip from Cornwall to John O’Groats in Scotland, I’ve never visited Bath or Bristol. There are so many sites that I’ve seen and so many yet to be seen. Compared to the United States, where we live, the UK is small, so it only makes me anxious for all of the things I still have to see in my own country, let alone the world. There is so much out there!

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