On blogging and reading – 500 followers Q&A !

Hello friends, how are you? Today’s Wednesday, and let yourself be warned for this massive PART 1 post. I am completely overwhelmed –in a good, in a kind of awesome way, by all of your congratulations, and ALL of the questions you wanted to ask me to celebrate my 500 followers. THANK YOU so, so much!

500 followers Q&A

❗️❗️ Before getting into this, I just want to remind you that the subscriptions for the Souvenirs From Across The World project -the part if you want to SEND souvenirs from your hometown, books and love to other bloggers– WILL BE CLOSING IN 5 DAYS! If you’re interested, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE.

Since there were a lot of questions, and I don’t want to overwhelm you guys with a massive post, this is part one of two of my answers. Today, the two main topics are kind of obvious ones… because I’ll answer to all your questions regarding blogging, and reading, a.k.a my blogging debut, favorite books, pictures of my bookshelves and ALL THE THINGS. THANK YOU so much once again, I had so much fun answering these!

Hannah @ Mortal Reader asked:
🔹What was the book that got you into reading or was it a booktube or blog?
the hunger gamesI actually can’t answer that question, not because I don’t want to, but because I can’t actually remember. I have the memory of a gold fish, really?! I’ve been reading for as long as I can remember, really, and I can’t just say which book got me hooked into reading. I think it’s The Hunger Games though, that got me into reading TONS of YA books.

Aimal @ Bookshelves & Paperbacks asked;
🔹 What got you into blogging, and what were you expecting from it when you first started out?
I think my love for books got me into blogging, actually, and I felt the need to talk about books I loved, and to write about them on a place that would be just my own. What I was expecting was to stay alone on my little corner of the internet, and to write down mostly book reviews for myself… a year and a half later, look what happened…

🔹 What is your favorite thing about blogging?
Now, that’s easy, it’s YOU! Really, all of you guys, the community, incredible people I’ve met and talk to on an almost-daily basis. I love it so, so much.

Summer @xingsings & Caitlyn @ Inkwitchblog asked:
🔹What advice would you have given to yourself when you first began blogging? (Like the “now Marie” gives advice to the “new blogger Marie” back then.)
I would tell myself: don’t be afraid. I was scared of so many things. Big bloggers, not being able to stand out, not being able to talk to other people because I’m a bit shy and a bit intimidated by all the bloggers out there. I was scared of writing what I thought, scared that no one would care, really. And then, well, I just blogged my heart out and everything was okay. Big bloggers aren’t that scary because they are actually really friendly.

Beth @ Reading Every Night asked:
🔹Aside from reaching 500 followers, what has been your best, most memorable moment as a blogger?
There are way too many moments to count, honestly. I love the time I introduced one of my most beloved passion, and you guys were okay that it wasn’t about books. I loved your enthusiasm about my new Souvenirs project. I just loved the simple fact that, the day after I posted my 500 followers post, I got so many thoughtful comments, and questions, and people wanting to share and celebrate with me. YOU are making each day memorable.

Reg @ She Latitude asked:
🔹 What are your future plans for the blog?
I think my favorite aspect of blogging really is the community, and being able to share things, love, and book recommendations, with others. I do want to try and do that more. I’m currently in the middle of my new Souvenirs From Across The World project, where book bloggers all around the world get to talk about their hometown and cultures, and exchange gifts and bookish things. I want to expand this feeling of community and spread positivity the most I can with this. If this works well, I’m planning on making this a regular feature.
I want to try and progressively make almost 100% of the blog content entirely mine. I do love tags and Top Ten Tuesdays, but I want to make this place completely mine with original subjects on books, and on travelling as well. I want to take you travelling with you and visit bookish settings with me through Instagram and stuff.
I also would love to share love with advice on blogging, and I am actually working on something like that. Sharing advice between the community with a feature. In the meantime, I will be sharing advice during the InterBlogCon.
Another thing I’d love to try, is some sort of a book club, a giant buddy-reading party with all of you guys.
Well…from all of that, I think we can deduce that I have a TON of ideas and not enough time, haha.

Cait @ Paper Fury asked:
🔹 Do you have a favourite trope and a least favourite trope?
THE BEST FRIEND TROPE. Oh I love it. Childhood friends especially, getting closer and finally having the happiness they’ve been wanting to get for so long. It makes my heart melt. I think my least favorite has to be the insta-love trope? It just annoys me so, so much, because that doesn’t happen for real.

🔹 Have you had a book you used to love but now don’t?
redqueenHm, right now the only book I can think about is Red Queen. I didn’t love it enough to put 5 stars, but after reading Glass Sword, I am pretty much annoyed at the whole series, ahah.

🔹 If you could rescue a character from their meanie author, who would you save?!?
all the bright placesHm, hm, that’s a great question actually, there are so many characters that just BROKE MY HEART. I could quote All The Bright Places, because that book was so, SO sad. Or erm, The Hunger Games got me crying like a baby. WHY ARE BOOKS SO CRUEL.

Shanti @ Virtually Read asked: 
🔹 If you could translate one book from French to English what would it be?
ratusSo, let me apologize, but this is all my sister’s fault, I asked her what I should answer because I had no idea, and she kindly suggested a stupidly funny children’s book called, … Ratus. Right. So it’s about a weird GREEN rat and yeah, it’s a children book. I don’t remember why I loved it so much. (here, it’s, Ratus writes a book. Oh okay, I get it now why I liked it.)

Nazahet @ Read Diverse Books asked: 
🔹 What is the last book that made you literally sob/cry?
sky is everywhereHm, I think the last book that made me really cry, was The Sky is Everywhere, by Jandy Nelson. I’m a sucker for siblings relationships (hello, nyx, I love you) and that book just broke my heart.

Chesca @ I Adore Paper and Jenna @ Reading With Jenna asked:
🔹 Who is your fictional crush?
Hm, can I make a list? Off the top of my head right now, some of my favorite bookish boyfriends are Aaron Warner (The Shatter Me Series), Noah Shaw (The Mara Dyer series), Wes (The Truth About Forever, Sarah Dessen).

🔹 What book struck you the most in your life? (asked as well by Louise @ Genie Reads)
looking for alaskaI think I’d have to say Looking for Alaska. It’s the kind of book I’ve read, and re-read, and you know, whenever I read or think about it, I feel like that book is all kinds of brilliant. It’s the kind of book for which my love grows, and grows.

Hannah @ Mortal Reader asked: 
🔹 What is your all time favourite book series?
This question is SO HARD TO ANSWER haha. I don’t know how to choose, at all. Right now, I want to say the Delirium series by Lauren Oliver. The first book completely struck me, especially the ending. Such a powerful book. But The Mara Dyer series comes to a close second.

Beth @ Reading Every Night asked:
🔹What would be the one book that you would recommend to EVERYONE because it’s so brilliant?
i'll give you the sunI think I’d recommend I’ll Give You The Sun to everyone, because I thought that it was quite brilliant indeed. Or anything Jandy Nelson writes, really. I was tempted to talk about John Green there, but… I’m full of surprises, right? Or not.

🔹 Would you be willing to share a picture of your bookshelves? (I like seeing how people organize their books!)
Right now, I don’t really have a bookshelf – and I’m moving out soon anyway, so books are lying around everywhere. This is my bookshelf at home. My dad made it for me. I love my dad. We tried to color-organize it, I think it looks okay?


Liam @ Hey, Ashers! asked:
🔹 Which YA novels (written in English) have you read that are set in France, but get France wrong? And how do they mess it up?
anna and the french kissRight now, I can only think about Stephanie Perkins’ series, Anna and The French Kiss. Since I’m not that big of a fan of Paris, I’d have to say that, hm, the city looks really pretty and dreamy in the book, but well, in reality, there’s not just that? Paris isn’t that magical, but maybe it’s because I am actually used to it? Oh, I also remember now, I read a book with my sister called, A Year in the Merde, and it was actually, well… it was supposed to be funny, but it was full of clichés. Like, no, we don’t eat frogs, and there aren’t dog’s crap everywhere on the streets

Jesalin @ JBelksBooks asked: 
🔹If you had to pick one genre to read for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Hm, I think my favorite genre is contemporary, so I’ll go with that?

Holly @ Nut Free Nerd asked: 
🔹 Which author would you want to write the story of your life?
I’m not going to surprise anyone by answering John Green? But if like, J.K Rowling stops by and wants to make me some sort of magical witch, I wouldn’t say no…

Rivka @ The Orangoutan Librarian asked:
🔹 What’s the most imaginative world building you’ve ever read in a book?
splinteredHm, I don’t know if it is the most imaginative, but right now I want to say Splintered, because that Wonderland was definitely all kinds of brilliant, and so creepy as well.

Summer @ xingsings asked:
🔹A book that you think would convert non-readers into (avid) readers?
more than thisWow, really that question is SO hard because, well, it really depends on what people may or may not like. But honestly, More than this (Patrick Ness) completely blew me away and reminded me why I loved reading so much. I would definitely advice someone who doesn’t read to try it out.

Yarravy @ Hiraeth for the pages asked:
🔹 You can will one book character into life for one day: Who will it be and what are you planning for the day?
simonI kind of want to say Simon Spier, because who wouldn’t want to spend a day with him?! What we’d plan? Reality shows marathon, gargantuan oreos eating contest?

Jess @ Mud and stars asked:
🔹Who’s your favorite fictional character of all time, and who’s your least favorite?
the golden compassOf all times?! Wow, that’s SO hard, honestly. I would really go with Lyra, from His Dark Materials, because she’s been such a huge part of my childhood – early teenage years, and that book was just INCREDIBLE. As for my least favorite… Sorry, lovers of The Duff, but I just had a hard time with Bianca, so…I’ll go with her for that.

Kat @ Life & Other Disasters asked:
🔹 If you had the choice, would you want a meet and greet with your favorite author or rather 30 new releases of your choice?
It’s a hard question, but I would definitely love to have a meet and greet with my favorite author. Even if I probably couldn’t be able to speak, and end up making a complete fool of myself.

Shar @ Virtually Read asked:
🔹 Why did you start reading YA?
Why? That’s a hard question, because I don’t know how to answer to that, ahah. I kind of fell into it, to be honest. I read a lot of books, and I loved that I could relate to the main characters. Then I read The Hunger Games and everything that book told me was just like a huge slap in the face, reminding me that there was so much more to YA books that they led on. I’m technically an adult – I guess? But I do find incredible things in YA books that appeal me much more than into any other genre. Butterflies, feelings, incredible characters shaping out the most complicated yet incredible part of life. Adventure, strong messages that it’s up to you to change things. I love it.

Jenna @ Reading With Jenna asked:
🔹What is your favorite bookmark and can you show us your collection?
Okay, this is going to be weird…I don’t have an ordinary bookmark, it’s travelling tickets, actually (London and Amsterdam), a Egyptian bookmark from my uncle, and … a minion (I know. You can laugh).


🔹 Would you rather never ever read your favorite book again or kill your ultimate book boyfriend (who can never be revived or turned immortal or whatever)?
Jenna, you are CRUEL I don’t know what to answer to that, honestly, hahaha. I’m surprising myself here, but I think I’d actually go with never reading my favorite book again. Because this way, I can’t be disappointed if I re-read it and don’t find it as good as before. While, if I kill my book boyfriend, well… I would be forever sad.

Elm @ Just Elm asked:
🔹 Do you sometimes judge a book by its cover?
Guilty as charged. Yes I do, it happens, but I try not to….but I’m absolutely in love with beautiful bookish covers, I can’t help but be drawn to a book with a gorgeous cover.

Did you make it there? Wow, you truly are incredible, thank you so much! ❤️ In one week, you can look forward to part 2 of these, where we’ll get into my other hobbies besides being an avid bookworm, and other more personal questions as well! 😱

Your turn: What book struck you the most in your life? What’s your favorite trope? What blogging advice would you have given yourself when you started? Let me know in comments! 💬

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103 thoughts on “On blogging and reading – 500 followers Q&A !

  1. Ahh I’m so sad that I missed your post asking for questions! It seems like everyone else had it covered though!!! Congrats on reaching 500 followers, Marie 🎉🎉 That is such an amazing accomplishment and incredibly well deserved. You and your blog are both wonderful 💞.

    I loved reading all your answers to these questions. It was so great hearing about what got you into blogging. I love that you love Looking For Alaska. That book is one of my all time favourites. I absolutely love your bookshelf too 😍!!

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    1. Ohh no worries, well if you ever want to ask me anything, feel free to 😀 Thank you so, so much for all the support and everything, it means the WORLD to me, and I’m so happy to have met such incredible people like you ❤ ❤ Ohhh another lover of Looking for Alaska? This makes me SO happy ❤

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  2. Great post! 500 followers is so exciting. Congrats! Love your color coded bookshelves. I agree with you on The Hunger Games. I was always a big reader, mostly horror for a really long time because of my Stephen King love, but THG is what pulled me into YA. Splintered has crazy world building. It really feels like I’m watching a Tim Burton movie while I’m reading. I will admit that I haven’t read a single page of it since Ali got to Wonderland. I’ve had no attention span lately, and I feel like I need every brain cell to visualize the world. I love your advice. I was never afraid to write what I felt in my posts, but interacting with big bloggers or really anyone online is strange the first time. I got into Twitter from the very start. That’s how I met so many people, and I built friendships with other bloggers from there. The people are also my favorite part about blogging. I also like finding books I wouldn’t have normally found on my own through other blogs.

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    1. Ahh thank you so, so much! ❤ And I'm actually glad you said this about Splintered, I felt the exact same way. I needed to focus a LOT to read that book and be able to see the world, it's built with such complexities, it's impressive, but tiring a bit to read after a while, I needed breaks ahah. Twitter is such a great place to meet people, and I am SO glad that the bookish world got me to meet so many incredble people just like you ❤

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  3. My favorite thing about this blog is YOUUUU ❤ 😀
    I was so afraid when I started, too! Still am, actually!
    I love your bookcase!! I am still looking for the perfect one 😦 My babies are shelfless!
    Oh my, the cliché we read in books about/set in France…

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    1. AHhh Donna you are SO cute thank you, my favorite French fellow bookish blogger / lover of the English language as well 😀 ❤ Don't be afraid, you are doing AWESOMELY and you're always so friendly with everyone ❤
      Oh well one day you'll find your perfect bookcase…they're like soulmates for us bookworms haha 😛

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  4. I loved The Hunger Games as well! I didn’t think it would turn out so good but it’s one of the YA need novels that set a bar for me. Whenever I hear YA, I think of The Hunger Games. It made dystopian fiction accessible to my age.

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  5. Hii Marie!
    I loved every bit of this post a lot. Gee. That was a ton of fun.

    And to your question, the books that have struck me most are Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult.

    My favourite trope. Not really thought of that before but I like heartbreaking stories.
    And my advise about blogging? Simple. Do it the way you want it and have fun with it. Don’t be bothered by stats.

    This was such a cool post. Can’t wait for the next part. 👌👏👏

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    1. Ohh thank you so, so much, I’m so glad you liked reading this huge blog post, I was so scared no one would ahah <3. I LOVE your advice, it's such a good advice and I need to remember that one everyday. And Me Before You!! I'm going to read that book soon, I'm very excited, I hope I'll love it just as much as you did 🙂
      Thank you so, so much for your sweet words! ❤

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  6. I feel the same way about Looking for Alaska! I get so nostalgic whenever I read it, and it’s one of those books that I know will stick with me for years to come. Having John Green write the story of your life would be amazing!

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  7. Wow that is a lot of questions. I can definitely see why you split this into two parts, especially if the second has as many questions as this one did.
    But I loved learning more about your blogging/reading habits. (Little side note; I see a lot of colour coordinated bookshelves so I’m wondering if I should do the same with mine)
    I think if I hadn’t already you would have convinced me to read Jandy Nelson, as it is I completely agree everyone should read I’ll Give You the Sun 😀
    Also I really need to start More Than This soon! And more of Patrick Ness’s books in general. 🙂
    After reading your answer to Reg’s question I’m very excited to see your plans for the future of your blog become reality! 🙂 They sound great! ❤️

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    1. I am still completely shocked by ALL of the questions people wanted to ask me, I can’t believe it, and it makes me seriously happy people are so interested. I hope those long answers posts aren’t going to bore anyone ahah.
      Thank you so, so much, and YES read More than this, I NEEED to know your thoughts about that one, SO badly, it was so incredible. And thanks again, I really hope I can make all of these blogging plans true someday 🙂

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      1. I wasn’t shocked! Honestly you just seem like one of those open people you can literally ask anything, I think other people must feel that way as well! And I loved reading all your answers, I definitely can’t wait for part two so don’t worry about the long answers! 😀
        I want to read More Than This before I go to YALC so I’ll definitely be picking it up in July some time, probably the second half of the month but I’ll definitely let you know what I think when I’m finished. And yay, hopefully you’ll be able to make them true soon as well! 😀

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      2. Aw, well this makes me so, so happy, really ❤ I'm not that open in real life ahah, well and I obviously wouldn't answer anything too personal, but I am really so amazed by all the questions you came up with -and that the second part of this will be, well…big as well, haha-/
        Oh yay, I'm so thrilled you're going to read it soon. It's such a unique experience, really, I couldn't stop thinking about it while I was reading it, and afterwards.

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      3. Ehh, I’m not really that open in real life either and I definitely wouldn’t answer anything too personal, but I can’t think of any reason why someone would ask a really personal question you know?!
        I want to start more of Patrick Ness’s books, obviously this one is first on the list, probably with A Monster Calls close behind though whether I’ll get around to both next month is anyone’s guess! In that case once I finish I can’t wait to talk to you about it! 😀

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      4. Yes, me neither, and I’m surprised and grateful for all the great questions every single one of you asked 🙂
        Ohh, I really want to read A Monster Calls soon as well, before seeing the movie and everything. I hear it’s kind of an emotional book though, so…I need to be prepared first ahah 😀

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      5. That seems to be the reason I pick up a lot of books; because there’s a movie coming out soon! I haven’t actually heard much (anything) about A Monster Calls other than it’s amazing so I’m prepared to be really surprised by this book when I start it. 😀

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      6. Yeah that can be a plus. But if the movie gets the casting wrong then I can be reading a book and suddenly wonder when this character had blonde hair because in the movie the actress was a brunette (that literally happened when I started reading the Percy Jackson books!)

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      7. I normally try and read the books before I see the films. There are one or two exceptions but most times I do stick to that rule. It just means sometimes I don’t get to see the film until its been released on DVD because I haven’t gotten around to reading the book in time to see it at the cinema! 😀

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  8. Some of these questions are INTENSE and cruel hahah I applaud you for being able to answer them and I LOVED your answers. ❤
    You couldn't make this post without Jandy Nelson and that is so funny to me because I would've probably done the same, we have a problem. hahahaha
    Oh and I laughed so hard at that Ratus book because we had it in school and I loved reading ALL about Ratus' adventures.

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    1. Thank you so, so much my twinnie! ❤ Right? I had such a hard time answering some of these, but I'm glad I did. Haha well we definitely are twinnies, I couldn't NOT quote Jandy Nelson ❤
      RATUS! OH you remember that book as well? It was…Well, I don't know if it was fun or not, but I remember having A LOT of these books ahah 🙂

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  9. Congrats on reaching 500 followers! Incredibly well deserved, I love your blog and this Q&A was so much fun to read 🙂
    As for your questions:
    I think the book that struck me most that I’ve read recently was All The Bright Places. It was one of those books that kept me thinking for a long time after reading. And Quiet by Susan Cain – it’s a non-fiction about introversion and extraversion and I really related to it and it made me feel better about being a ‘quiet’ person.
    One of my favorite tropes is the hate-to-love romance. I’m a real sucker for that 🙂
    And I’m fairly new to blogging so I don’t know if I can give myself advice just yet, but I guess it would be to stop doubting myself and just do it. It’s a wonderful community and you won’t regret it! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so, so, so much, I’m so glad you liked it and read it, thank you! ❤ ❤
      Ohh you're a quiet person as well?! That book sounds so, so, interesting, I think I'm a quiet person in real life as well, and well I'm going to check out that book right away, thank you for sharing this! ❤
      Exactly! It's such a great, friendly community and what matters the most is that you're enjoying yourself and having fun 🙂 Thank you so much!


  10. I definitely 110% agree with you for “what book struck me the most”. Not only is LFA my favorite novel of all time, but it just “hits close to home”, and I think that’s mostly why I LOVE it, and Green, SOOOO much!! ❤

    P.S. If it makes you feel any better, you really did stand out in my feed when I first started following you 😉

    -Jess @jbelkbooks

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahah, you were YOU, so stay YOU!!! I think the best advice I could give you is to continue to put your personality in your posts, because I definitely feel & relate to you when you do. And that’s what makes your blog so engaging and interesting…But in short, keeping being you & you’ll definitely be seeing me more often 😉

        -Jess @jbelkbooks

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  11. Congratulations again on the 500 followers! ❤ I really enjoyed reading your answers to these questions! Some of the questions were quite hard too. Really looking forward to part 2! Your bookshelf at home looks AMAZING! And your bookmark is so creative 🙂 I use anything I have with me (my bookmarks always get lost)

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  12. I might do a Q and A too for my 100 followers. I’ll make it original of course 😀 Congrats on 500 followers 🙂 You totally deserve it! I loved this post and am proud to say I read it all. I can’t wait for Part 2! These personal posts help me know the blogger even more 🙂

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  13. Congratulations!!! I think I missed out on asking you questions but no matter, because you answered almost everything about blogging and books and all that here. Your bookmark collection is so cute haha, I love that little minion 😛 Anna and the French Kiss makes Paris sound so dreamy and romantic.
    I think the book that stuck out to me most is (besides Harry Potter) Paper Towns. I hated the movie but I have very fond memories of reading and really loving the story and it’s message. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Looking for Alaska (don’t kill me!!!) I loved the characters but I just didn’t understand the whole significance of the labyrinth they kept mentioning.
    Looking forward to your hobbies and personal Q and A so I can know ALL THE THINGS about you 😛

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    1. Thank you so, so, so much! ❤ ❤ Well if you have any other question to ask, I'm here to answer everything (well, almost, ahah) 🙂
      No worries I won't be mad at you because you didn't like LFA, I actually know a lot of people who didn't, and it makes me a bit sad to be honest, but well. I'm glad to hear Paper Towns stuck out to you the most, I loved that book so much – I agree though, the movie wasn't as great :/
      Thank you so, so much ❤


  14. DEFINITELY agree with you on the best friends trope. I don’t know if I’d call it my favourite trope, but it’s definitely high up there. I love it so much. It just gives me all the warm fuzzy feelings 😀 And insta-love ugh… I mean love triangles annoy me as well, but if done right (like The Infernal Devices) they aren’t as bad as insta-love, because I don’t think that can ever be done right. I just don’t believe in insta-love/love at first sight haha. AND YOUR SHELVES ARE SO PRETTY.

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  15. Again, congratulations on the well deserved follower milestone, Marie! ❤️ And thank you for answer my questions!
    I think that’s great advice! For me, it would be to find a balance between blogging and real life. Now, I log out of my WordPress account on my laptop and phone so that I’m tempted to check my stats all the time. 😅
    And HP truly changed my life in that it opened my eyes to the world of reading. 😁

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    1. Thank YOU for asking so many questions -I think there are a few more in the hobbies / personal area coming up next week then – ❤
      I get it, finding balance is so hard, I tend to get obsessed about it, and I check my stats WAY too often, it's really bad. I try not to though, ahah.
      Harry Potter did that for a lot of readers, I find that incredible ❤

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  16. First of all Marie, love love LOVE your blog– especially all the travel stuff! Oh that I had wings (or maybe just a million dollars) so I could actually travel the world and see EVERYTHING. But anyway, my sister and I are rather new to the blogging community, and I was wondering if you could possibly give us a follow and/or some suggestions of other bookish blogs to follow. There’s just so many wonderful blogs out there and it’s rather hard to know where to start! Thanks a million 💜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello to both of you, and THANK YOU for your sweet words, this makes me so happy! ❤ Well I have a blog post with some blogging advice already up here, it's called Top Ten Tips and you can check it out if you'd like, it's here! As for bloggers to follow, well in this very post you commented there are SO many incredible bloggers who asked me questions, you can check out their blogs by clicking on their blog’s name, I put up links everywhere 🙂 And if you’re also interested, there’s an incredible online convention where I’ll be giving out tons of blogging advice, on the 16th of July, it’s called the InterBlogCon, and for more info it’s right here! Happy blogging to both of you, and if you have any question, well, you know who to ask 🙂

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  17. Oh my gosh I’m so sorry I missed your post that introduced the Q & A! But OH MY GOODNESS, Marie, 500 followers is amazing! You deserve each one and so many more. 🙂 Thank you so much for being such an amazing friend and for supporting my blog – it honestly means so much to me.

    Also – can I just stress the fact enough that we are pretty much exactly book twinsies? Like, I always kind of knew you were a contemporary fan, but after reading this post I realized how much more we have in common than I thought. ABSOLUTELY YESSSS to Simon, Jandy Nelson, More Than This, All the Bright Places….basically every book you mentioned in this post.

    Oh, and btw – your bookshelves are absolutely gorgeous. I’m jealous! Just last week I decided to color-code my bookshelf, and I guess it looks pretty good, but I still have some multi-colored spines laying around because they fit in ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE and OH MY GOSH it’s annoying me so much.

    Anyway, again, congratulations. Here’s to many more followers to come! ❤

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    1. Aww thank you so, so, so much Paige for your support, it means so much to me! ❤ And we are twinsies, I LOVE THAT, I had no idea we had so much in common, this makes me so happy! ❤
      Thank you, about the bookshelf, it was a struggle, ahah and colored spines are THE WORST, I struggled so so much with these, ahah, it's annoying, but I guess those are books that stand out, then? 😛
      Thank you!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  18. YAY TO ALL THE QUESTIONS! Major congrats on all the followers again. You so deserve it ❤ And I don't get a word out when I meet famous people either. I like to pretend that I can play it cool, but suddenly my English is like that of a pre-schooler with weird accent that's just unidentifiable.

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