Treasures from London

Hi everyone, how are you? I hope you had a wonderful week! I have to confess something to you, I’m kind of nervous today. Why, you ask? Well, two weeks after first introducing you to my new feature about travelling…I’m finally taking you with me! Hop on a plane, or a train, or a car, depending of where you are in the world, and let’s get away together… ✈️

Welcome to London, United Kingdom !



“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.”

If I’ve decided to take you to London first and foremost, it’s because it’s my favorite place I’ve been to, so far. I’ve been lucky enough to go there maybe three or four times, and each time, it gets more and more amazing. From touristic, cliché stuff to do, to shopping and wonderful discoveries, there’s everything in this city to make me happy. Plus, the English accent…What more can I ask for?! Today, I’m taking you with me on a little tour of the city and its treasures…in pictures!


Obviously, if you ever wanted to go to London, it’s for those places :
The famous Tower Bridge
The famous Tower Bridge, casually standing there like it owns the Thames. Well, it kind of does. I mean, just look at him.
St. Paul's Cathedral & The Millenium Bridge
St. Paul’s Cathedral & The Millenium Bridge. St. Paul’s, because it’s gorgeous and gigantic, and the bridge, because…anyone heard of Death-eaters? Yes. It was there, well, almost.
Unmistakable Big Ben in all its gorgeousness
Unmistakable Big Ben in all its gorgeousness, with the London Eye in the background. I could never get sick of this view.
tower of london
The Tower of London, hiding the jewels of the Crown and some other creepy torturous historical things. It looks mysterious, right?
Buckingham Palace and its swarm of people, hoping to see the Queen (don't make that face, you know you are there for that, too. Well, just a little bit.)
Buckingham Palace and its swarm of people, hoping to see the Queen (don’t make that face, you know you are there for that, too. Well, just a little bit.)
national gallery
Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery. It’s free, and it’s full of art. And it’s so pretty.
But London, it’s also this
Little streets you wouldn’t imagine, with the cutest shops.
Parks, LOADS of them, and it’s so GREEN and huge, perfect to catch a break for an afternoon, away from the noise.
walk to st paul's
THIS IS MY FAVORITE PLACE. The walk from the Tower Bridge to St Paul’s Cathedral, along the Thames. Peaceful in the heart of the city, a great, 15 min walk to feel like a Londoner.
platform 9 3/4
Harry Potter, anyone?! Well…it’s there. King’s Cross station. And you can get your picture taken going off to Hogwarts. Tried crossing the wall. Didn’t make it.
ben's cookies
Ben’s cookies, with HUGE chunks. I love those.
shake shack
Shake Shack. I don’t have that in France (WHY!!!) but I love it. I mean, just looking at this makes me hungry.
Santa?! Just kidding, this is just one of the guards at Buckingham Palace. Great sense of fashion, right? 😉
the view from the shard
London in all its gorgeousness. The view from the Shard, at almost sunset.


So…I’m sweating nervously, so don’t make me wait any longer, and tell me…what did you think about this first travelling post?! I hope I made you want to go there…because I certainly need to go back after writing that. 🙈 Advice, suggestions, cities you want to go to next? Let me know!

Did you ever went to London? If yes, what are your favorite places? Any tips? 💬

If you didn’t go to, do you want to visit this wonderful city? Why, or why not? Let’s chat in comments! 💬

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41 thoughts on “Treasures from London

  1. It was a great post, Marie! No need to be nervous at all! The pictures were amazing, but I would love to hear even more of your thoughts inbetween 😉 still, it was great!
    I’ve been to London only once and it wasn’t the most fun experience, because it was with school and no one bothered to organise the trip the right way. But I do wish to go back there and your post made me want to even more!

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    1. Awww thank you so much Kat! Well that’s duly noted, I will try and write more of my impressions next time! Thank you so much for your opinion! ❤
      Ohh no, that's so annoying, I hate it when the trip is organized for me and I can't do what I want, haha. I hope you'll go back soon! 🙂


  2. I love your new travel post! I lived in London for a couple years so it’s nice to see it from someone else’s point of view.
    I definitely recommend going to Forbidden Planet, which is nerd heaven! They have an entire floors of comic books, graphic novels, and science fiction and fantasy books. The other floor is all memorabilia from TV shows, books, and movies.
    Also LUSH on Oxford Street is great too 🙂

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  3. It’s so pretty!!! Haven’t been to London for 8…9…? years now?? It was such a rush! We went to a couple football games (my dad grew up in England and is obsessed with Newcastle). Such a great atmosphere.

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    I did an exchange semester in the UK and went to London about 3-4 times and absolutely loved it, although I found it reaaaally busy on the weekends. I also did the whole waiting-for-the-queen thing although she never appeared (not that I really expected her to, haha).

    I love this post, Marie, and I'm super excited to read more about your travels! 🙂

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    1. Aww that’s so amazing, you’re so lucky! Where did you went to, for your exchange semester? 🙂 It’s really, really busy, yes, but I just love the whole atmosphere of the city. Strangely, I feel really at home there! 🙂
      I’m so, so happy to hear you liked it, thank you so much !! ❤


  5. Hey! I’m great! I’ve always wanted to go to London. My dad went, without me, alas, and brought me back a couple of shirts that I outgrew but loved. Anyway, I’d love to study abroad there, or live there for a year, or just visit when I get my first vacation from my dream job, which is to be a publicist or cover designer in publishing, and I know I’ll definitely take vacations and travel as much as possible when I have a job.

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  6. LONDON is LOVE. I think the best piece advice for traveling London is to always wear comfortable shoes because there is lots of walking to be done. I love the parks as well, so green and so huge. We went during the fall and visited Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland, it was lovely 😀 it’s impossible to visit all the places in one day. I haven’t been to the Tower of London yet, argh.

    My fave spots in London are Covent Garden, Hyde Park, and the British Museum 🙂

    Lovely post Marie! This makes my traveler’s soul very happy 🙂 I would love to see France, actually. Like the hidden gems of France!

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    1. Haha you’re so right, and I think that walking is the best way to discover a city! So good shoes definitely are a must :p
      Ohh, I love Covent Garden, too, it’s so pretty and I love the atmosphere.
      Thank you so much, I’m so happy you liked it! And I’ll write that down then, and make sure to come back with some hidden gems from France for you 😀

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  7. This is such an awesome travel post! I really like it! I have been to London and I saw (often from afar) all those things. It’s such and amazing city! The other thing I really like is the museums and the British library and also the incredible diversity of different people strolling the streets. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you so much, I’m so happy you like it! ❤ I think that's what amaze me the most, the people you can meet there, it's incredible, and I think London in general has a great atmosphere, one of the reasons why I love it so much! 🙂
      Thank you so much for your sweet comment!! ❤


  8. Ah, I’m so glad you had a wonderful time and decided to share your trip with us, Marie! I’ve always been fascinated with the UK because I want to visit Ireland one day, which is my ultimate dream destination. Hopefully I will be able to make a trip into the UK then too. But I’ve actually never been outside the States so far, haha. Anyway, I loved this traveling post! Look for forward to the future ones, Marie! ❤

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    1. Aww, Ireland is SO beautiful! I’ve been only to Galway, but it was so pretty, I want to go back. I hope you’ll get the chance to go there soon! And well, since you’re there, might as well go to London, too 😀 Thank you so much Summer, it makes me the happiest that you liked this post! ❤


  9. I live in England and I’ve only been to London properly a couple of times.

    I found it off putting for quite a long time because my only experience of it was the tube. On my way home from university I would have to cross London from Liverpool Street to Paddington Station and tube-only is not the way to experience the city. In fact it creates in a person the belief that everyone there is kind of mean and terrible.

    I think it might be time to get over that. More and more of my friends are moving there so I am running out of excuses not to visit.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I completely understand, travelling with only the tube can give you a bad idea of what the city’s really like. The first time I went to London, I was there for almost a week, and only used the tube, twice, so I got a great memory of walking down the streets and really discovering the city, that’s one of the reasons which made me want to come back, I just loved the city! I really hope you’ll go back there sometime soon, and hopefully enjoy the city a little more! ❤

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  10. This is awesome! I love this post- although admittedly I don’t feel especially touristy- I’ve been to quite a few of these places in the past week just by accident (I was by Tower Bridge just today) I have loads of random art galleries (eg Whitechapel and Photographers) that are a bit more off the beaten track. And there’s some other more random stuff I can recommend- for instance, ever been to Highgate cemetery? A lot of famous people are buried there- but that’s not why it’s awesome- it’s awesome cos it’s old and victorian and really spooky. There’s also some national trust properties worth having a look at. And like you said, some green areas you may not have found (Kenwood’s my fave for both of the above). Okay… I’m gonna stop before I get carried away- it’s just an easy topic for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so lucky. I would love to walk by the Tower Bridge every single day, it’s so beautiful, and I just love the environment! Ohhh, thank you for those great recommendations, I’m definitely writing those down for my next trip there! And please, DO GET CARRIED AWAY, I want to know ALL the treasures of London, as much as you do, at least! 🙂
      Thank you so much!! ❤

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  11. Ahh yes I love love love these pictures! I don’t care what they say about London being gray and dull. I still want to go there and see every picturesque places! Thank you for these photos, Marie! Also, I’m sure many others would love to see more of your gastronomic adventures while you travel. Ugh that Shake Shack meal is to die for!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you thank you Trisha, I’m so happy you like it!! ❤ London seems gray and dull at times, but there's also sun, it's hot in the summer, and it's so pretty!! Ohh, well I'll keep that in mind…I certainly love taking pictures of my food ahah, so I'll try and share more of that, hopefully some typical food to go with my travels 😉 Thank you so much!! ❤


  12. I think I just found my first love….
    Just kidding (books already claim that title) but this is amazing!! I’m super late on commenting on this, but I absolutely loved this post, Marie. I’ve always loved London and this is simply more fuel for my love!! I can’t wait to one day actually visit it myself. ❤


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